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Does the Star Wars Battlefront Season Pass Signify No Escape from this Dark Side?


In this week’s Podcast we’re joined by special guest Spark James Thomas (@BIGsheep).

Darren and Antony are still hyper from the Star Wars Battlefront beta but as the dust settles on the battlegrounds of Hoth, things are not as rosy as they seem…

The Sparks discuss the post-beta Star Wars Battlefront news and debate Season Passes, feedback from the beta and how long the Battlefront excitement will last.

Darren despairs at the trend of the Season Pass, trembling at its inclusion in Star Wars is a true portent of the ultimate finality of the practice. It really does seem that no matter how load the disagreements are, in the end, its cash that counts and just like Destiny the money will roll in and the trend will continue… But is it really that bad? It is down to choice after all…

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MGSV Pay to Win – are Microtransactions in Full Price Games Ever OK?


Another great game drops and with it comes great controversy as the Spark’s discuss the news of microtransactions lurking within the most eagerly awaited title of the moment – Metal Gear Solid – The Phantom Pain. We suspected already but have Konami officially revealed that they are MGSV’s real Evil Boss? Antony and Darren debate if this can ever be acceptable and at what point have these cash siphoning  (allegedly optional) transactions crossed the line to intrude upon the players enjoyment.

Questions are also asked regarding using the RockBand 4 legacy adapter to use 360 controllers on the Xbox One, a disk-less Nintendo NX being a good thing and Just how much time have we Wasted on Destiny.

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