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Journey: When Games Become Art – a personal interpretation

By Darren Whitham (@dazwhitham) on 22nd July 2015


Having just sat down and played through the excellent game Journey once again on my PS4 after it being released yesterday I can unequivocally state that the game has lost none of its charm nor magic. In fact it retains both and in great proportions. The game is an absolute joy to play and no small part of its genius is down to the open ended nature of the story that just begs the player to theorize about the purpose of the protagonists eponymous Journey. So much so that after being swept away once more in ThatGameCompany’s world and thoroughly enjoying the experience that┬áJenova Chen’s design combined with Austin Wintory’s stunning score deliver to the player, I could not resist putting finger to keyboard to try and capture how the playthrough made me feel, how it captivated me and how I believe the story of Journey unfolds through the eyes of the central character…

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