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Is Rocket League’s Xbox One Release Helped or Hindered by Being Ex PS-Plus?

In this week’s episode, Antony and Darren discuss the anticipated release of the acclaimed Rocket League on Xbox One and ponder over whether the fact that the game launched as a free PS Plus title would help it sell over on Microsoft’s platform due to the love furnished upon it at that time, or could this legacy make potential buyers hesitate to part with their cash in the hope that as it was free over on PS4 it won’t be long to become free on Xbox One… Is there an equation here? Desire vs Patience?

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Ubisoft Have Created a Division in The Sparks – Will You Jump In or Sit Out?

Ubisoft have announced the span of The Division game’s version of New York City which is at a scale of more or less “one to one”. Antony is over-joyed at being able to find post-apocalypse versions of the Flatiron Building and other New York landmarks.  But wait, all is not right with the Sparks as Darren reveals that he will not be Antony’s wingman in this anticipated title but instead will be sitting the game out!

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