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Did EA Get The Titanfall 2 Release Wrong, Can It Respawn?

Thrown into the midst of this weeks jam packed podcast is the sad tale of Titanfall 2. It’s a disheartening story of lack of sales, which is so sad when the Sparks’ both agree that Respawn’s second iteration of their Pilot/Mech shooter not only feels amazing to play, with the tightest control and gameplay out of the big three FPS releases of the moment (Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare), but also boasts the most refined and enjoyable campaign mode too.

With flashes of inspiration from the likes of Mirror’s Edge to Super Mario Galaxy, this is one FPS that really has the player relishing each and every moment of minute-to-minute action in a campaign that really does feel like the start of a great future for the franchise.

Unfortunately, a bad release strategy – releasing in between the likes of Battlefield and Call of Duty – seems to have hampered the pick up of this great title and really, it’s fair to say that we understand why.

It is rather a baffling release strategy that leaves the Spark’s wondering if EA will back the franchise further, or was this plan perhaps designed as a way of giving the Titanfall universe one last hurrah before relinquishing any future commitment to sequels based upon sales figures?

We also discuss how Respawn got Titanfall 2 to just feel, you know, so good. With some light shed on the matter from Respawn’s own CEO Vince Zampella in an interview he recently did with glixl.com. Hear about Respawn’s development mantra and just how those controls were honed on the pod.

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The PS4 Slim Is Out Now…On eBay!


This week we got our first glimpse at one of Sony’s surprises for their September 7th PlayStation Meeting as the new PlayStation 4 Slim popped up on sale on both Gumtree and eBay.  Both Eurogamer and Kotaku covered the story and one report from Eurogamer visited the seller at his home to verify the authenticity of the new PS4 Slim!

Has this ruined one of Sony’s surprise or does this clear the decks for the unveiling of the new PlayStation, currently codenamed Neo?

With only a few weeks away until the PlayStation Meeting can Sony protect its other secret announcements and not spring anymore leaks?

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Would Scorpio Owners Ever Be Content With Xbox One Holding Them Back?

With E3 behind us and the news of the future of our beloved hobby fresh in our minds, the Sparks discuss the new hardware announcements from Microsoft’s conference and attempt to iron out the mixed messages we received as part of these exciting announcements.

Coming to terms with these changes early on within a generations lifespan is something the Sparks are coming around too and with acceptance comes enthusiasm for the new tech we have been promised.

An interesting question worth asking that doesn’t really apply to the Xbox One S is that, with the Scorpio being so much more powerful than the Xbox One, can Microsoft really stand by their promise that no one will be left behind and indeed should they?

Obviously it’s all conjecture, but once the Scorpio has been released and there has been a fair take up of the hardware by consumers, doesn’t it stand to reason that slowly but surely, these adopters of such a powerful unit will start to desire games developed specifically to make the most out of the behemoth they have purchased?

It may be that to do the 4K @60fps for currently planned Xbox One games the Scorpio’s power is needed and is probably fully utilised in order to output these mammoth resolutions. However, as the dust settles, will Scorpio gamers become annoyed with muddy textures beneath their 4K gaming experience? Will they pine and beseech Microsoft to concentrate on some Scorpio exclusives in order for them to fully realise the power of the beast? And would Microsoft yield to such demand?

Could that be the plan all along? Microsoft quell the shouts of unfair and too soon from the current generations loyal purchasers with the promise that no one will be left behind but they see, that once the Scorpio user base grows there will be demand there for software taking exclusive advantage of the Scorpio’s hardware and pushing the boundaries of this new console. Perhaps they have planned to ‘reluctantly’ buckle under this demand and boom – the Next Gen Starts Here.

Time will tell as always, but of one thing we have no doubt at all, the first year of Xbox Scorpio is going to be very interesting indeed.
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Are the Star Wars Battlefront DLC Plans Enough to Keep You Coming Back?

This week DICE finally released the plans (no Bothans died) for upcoming DLC, new maps, missions, and more.  With four content packs being released over the next 12 months, we ask is this enough to keep players coming back or will they get distracted by story driven narratives elsewhere?

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Could HTC Vive’s Front Camera Offer Mixed Reality and Steal Hololens’ Thunder?

HTC Vive_White

We stand on the brink of VR entering the mainstream and with HTC Vive at last revealing the details of their ‘Very Very Big Technological Breakthrough’, the Sparks share their feelings about the announcement, asking was it as big as expected, did it take the wind out of their sails and are there applications that the forward facing camera will allow us to embrace that just haven’t been thought of yet?

Yesterday (6th Jan 2016) marked the date when the VR revolution truly began, with the consumer version of Oculus Rift being finally available for pre-order, costing £499 in the UK and $599 in the US and with a release date of April 2016. The price point is discussed…

The Sparks, along with James ‘Sensual Santa’ Thomas (@BIGsheep) record an epic podcast discussing the latest gaming news along with a jam packed VR News Desk covering all the latest VR News.

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If Star Wars Battlefront had followed the PES Freemium Model Would You Rejoice?


So, Konami have announced a freemium version of PES 2016 for the PS4. It’s an ‘entry level’ version of the game and so it’s quite light on content but you can try it for free and if you like it and want more you can add to it with micro transactions. The usual thing really, almost like a kind of demo with added expansion via microtransactions. Continue reading

If Digital Only Became Reality with Today’s Prices, Would you Migrate to PC?

In this week’s podcast, in light of Industry analyst firm Superdata’s report on the digital games market for October, showing a 7% year-on-year increase to $5.5 billion in global spend, the Sparks discuss what life would be like if gamers had a digital only future imposed upon them with games costing more than they did in store and ask, would there be a mass migration to the PC and its more reasonably priced online services such as Steam, Origin and GOG? Would the sting of high cost digital games on console make the initial larger financial outlay for a gaming rig worth it?

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Does the Star Wars Battlefront Season Pass Signify No Escape from this Dark Side?


In this week’s Podcast we’re joined by special guest Spark James Thomas (@BIGsheep).

Darren and Antony are still hyper from the Star Wars Battlefront beta but as the dust settles on the battlegrounds of Hoth, things are not as rosy as they seem…

The Sparks discuss the post-beta Star Wars Battlefront news and debate Season Passes, feedback from the beta and how long the Battlefront excitement will last.

Darren despairs at the trend of the Season Pass, trembling at its inclusion in Star Wars is a true portent of the ultimate finality of the practice. It really does seem that no matter how load the disagreements are, in the end, its cash that counts and just like Destiny the money will roll in and the trend will continue… But is it really that bad? It is down to choice after all…

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Duck These Microtransactions!

In this week’s podcast the Sparks break down all of the recent crazy microtransactions news: Have Konami out ‘horse-armoured’ Bethesda with their new Mother Base insurance policy!? Is Destiny about to open the floodgates with their newly introduced “Silver” currency? If only there was an insurance policy we could get that protected us all against against this seemingly unstoppable barrage of cash siphons, or are the gamers who dislike this practice really in the vocal minority?

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PlayStation 3.00 – Is it Worthy of a Point Zero Title?

On this week’s Lost Spark podcast Antony and Darren talk about the latest PlayStation 3.00 update and the features that lie within but have trouble getting on board with the fact that this is a full version update… There just doesn’t seem to be enough there to get too excited about – is it really enough to justify a full version number jump?

Also discussed is a good deal of VR speculation, pondering about if releasing multiplayer only games is really a good idea in the wake of recent attempts and more details about that exciting Star Wars Battlefront beta.  

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