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Delays, Delays, Delays

This week on the Lost Spark Podcast Stuart and Antony are back to discuss the delays that have hit some key titles in 2020; what does this mean for the start of the year? How does this affect the next generation of consoles and can they remember to the quote from Shigeru Miyamoto about a delayed game (spoiler: NOPE!).

In the hands-on section this week Stuart recounts his epic achievement hunt over Christmas, playing a whopping 11 games and bumping his gamer score by 17,000 points!!  This week Antony has been deep into the city-building survival game, Frostpunk and the incredibly impactful Sea of Solitude, now available on EA Access.

All this and more on episode 174 of the Lost Spark Podcast, enjoy!

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New PlayStation 5 Details Get Us Excited

This week on the Lost Spark Podcast James and Antony deep dive into the new PlayStation 5 details that have emerged from the Wired article and get excited about the new enhancements to the next-gen console and controller.  Along with name and console details Sony also announced the “Holiday 2020” release date for the PlayStation 5. So with just over a year to go the guys start to ponder what the launch line-up will look like.

Hands-on impression this week include the Untitled Gooooooooooooooooooooooose Game, Link’s Awakening, Creature in the Well and Enter the Gungeon.  James also takes Mario Kart Wold Tour for a spin and Antony jumps into Borderlands 3.

All this and lots more in episode 164 of the Lost Spark Podcast.

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Sony Pulls The Cover Off The PlayStation 5

It’s episode 151 of the Lost Spark Podcast and this week James and Antony are in the pod-seats to discuss the official details that have been announced about the next PlayStation, all the games announced at Star Wars Celebration, as well as the trailer for ‘The Rise of Skywalker’ and James and Antony just can’t stop staring at the new console from Capcom.

James gives us an update on the Sea of Thieves anniversary content, coming 30th April and a bumper crop of games he played whilst away on holiday.  Games including Baba is You, Golf Peaks, Wandersong, Yoshi’s Crafted World and more.  Antony continues his hands on with Borderlands GotY edition and discovers a free-to-play Forza game, Forza Street.

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