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First Ever Video Game Themed Hotel

This week on the Lost Spark Podcast Stuart and Antony discuss all the latest gaming news including Atari getting into the Hotel Business, Media Molecule holding the first IMPY awards, their own award ceremony for content created in Dreams and Nintendo’s smartphone games have made over $1 billion!!

In the hands-on section Stuart has gone back to the voxel hack-n-slash Riverbond to finish the story and mop up those final achievements.  Antony has also been enjoy the voxel graphic style with Touryst, a action adventure game on the Switch.

Also this week Antony has been playing a new Xbox Game Pass gem A Plague Tale: Innocence; this stealthy adventure game set in France during the Hundred Year War tells the tale of a brother and sister escaping the Inquisition and the hordes of rats that have evade the french countryside.

All this and more on episode 175 of the Lost Spark Podcast, enjoy!

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Lost Spark E3 Spectacular 2019

WOAH! It’s time for the Lost Spark E3 spectacular!  Join Stuart and Antony as they take on the mammoth task of running through the highs and lows of this year’s E3.

Join the guys as they talk about the amazing Cyberpunk 2077 and that Keanu cameo and appearance on stage that stole E3, the new Elite Series 2 controller, gameplay for Luigi’s Mansion 3, finally seeing Animal Crossing and of course it wouldn’t be a Lost Spark Podcast without the guys nerding out over Star Wars and Marvel Comics, in this case it’s Jedi: Fallen Order gameplay and Marvel’s Avengers.

Now available on iTunes apple.co/1FrZUFP, Spotify spoti.fi/2NpmIOU, YouTube bit.ly/2WUBiGM and all podcast services.

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We Spark Joy

This week on the Lost Spark Podcast James and Antony are back on mic duties so naturally the topics wander from Marie Kondo, to Kitchen Aid mixers, Super Bowl and the wondrous Piñatas that James has been crocheting.

We do talk about games, eventually, with news of H.Bomberguy (Harry Brewis) charity stream of Donkey Kong 64 making £230K for the charity Mermaids with some surprise guests popping into the stream.  We have all the details of the Anthem demo that arrives this weekend and the strange news regarding the online MMO, Atlas.

In the hands-on section this week James updates on the games he has been playing since his last pod appearance.  We have tales from the seas with Sea of Thieves and Return of the Obra Dinn, Florence on mobile and hear as James takes on Smash Bros. for the first time since the N64.  Antony recounts his time with the Call of Duty Blackout trial, dabbles in Soul Calibur VI and has a blast with user created maps in Forza Horizon 4.

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Sea of Thieves Weekly Stream

Viva Piñata Crochet (via @BIGsheep)

Ram, Rub and Tickle: A Dead Cells Story

This week on the Lost Spark Podcast James and Antony talk about the latest game to grip the Sparks, Dead Cells, this run-based rougelike-metroidvania masterpiece has the guys in adoration, elation and desperation as they try and perfect their runs.  Hear James and Antony’s in-depth hands-on of Dead Cells and count how many times they collectively say how amazing this game is, is this an early contender for game of the year?

Even with all the Dead Cell-ing, the guys still had time for other games; James takes on Overcooked 2 and updates us on the latest in Sea of Thieves.  Antony has a less than impressive time with We Happy Few and starts the first episode of The Walking Dead: The Final Season.

In the news section we discuss the return of Timesplitters, Nintendo’s online offering is getting closer, and James is happy to announce LUIGI AIN’T DEAD!

All of this and some professional firkling from the master of the mini-fig firkle.

If you want more information on some of the items in this weeks Podcast here are some handy links:

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Harry Potter mini-figs

Overcooked 2 guide to unlocking the Kevin levels

SNES Mini – A Piece Of Gaming History But Is It Worth The Hassle?

This week in the vacuum that the behemoth that is E3 has left, Antony and Darren talk about the official announcement of the SNES Mini from Nintendo. A console that has been snapped up and out of stock from retailers even before the pre-orders became available – yes, that’s how massively popular this retro piece of nostalgia is.

Learning lessons from the last iteration – the NES Mini, Nintendo have promised more supply this time, in order to meet the intense demand that this desirable console will garner. It looks as though, however that consumers have also learned lessons from the last versions’ popularity too with the SNES Mini being almost instantly completely wiped out of stock over the face of the earth.

It’s the same old story. Great coup for Nintendo and for the lucky few who manage to secure their pre-orders in those first precious seconds of the console going live on the web. After which, it’s the struggle for the majority of eager fans that would be owners of this dinky gem – the website crashes, the furious refreshing, the scouring stock at every store you can think of and then, finally, the reality kicks in as you finally give up and grudgingly admit that the only way to obtain your cherished Nintendo throwback is to succumb to the nefarious re-sellers that have somehow snapped most of them up and advertised them on Amazon or eBay explicitly to take advantage of the likes of you (and us).

‘What can be done though?’ cries the throng of frustrated customers as they struggle to attain this lovely little system and only silence and a temptation to pay two or more times the price through one of the re-sellers remains.

So, what can be done? And can this familiar situation ever be dealt with?

UK gaming chain GAME have tried to make a stand by increasing the deposit required on the SNES Mini to £50 instead of the usual £10 they require in order to presumably discourage this behavior. It’s a stance that can be appreciated but in the long run may do more harm than good as your profiteer type will no doubt think nothing of putting down the full £50 deposit to secure an item that they are sure to sell at a profit later – not phased at all. However there may well be plenty of gamers who haven’t got that kind of money to put down as a deposit and so they may miss their chance of securing one due to that policy, which is really sad.

The only way that this frustrating trend can be effectively dealt with is by Nintendo providing such healthy supply that eager consumers can pick one up without jumping through hoops for hours on end. Or, consumers rally, stay strong and make a decision. A decision that enough is enough and they won’t allow themselves to be exploited anymore and refuse to pay double or more RRP for these tempting toys.

If the profiteers efforts could be rendered useless and null with supply and/or consumer resistance leaving them stuck with their bulk buys that no one took off their hands then perhaps the practice could be quashed and the honest gamers would join hands and cheer as one in light of a new dawn of fairness.

Or is it unfair of us to resent people trying to earn a few pounds out of an almost sure thing? It’s not illegal after all, just really annoying for those that missed out.

All this is not even mentioning the dreaded fear that the fantastic games housed up inside the SNES Mini could mean a lack of them appearing on the virtual console when it becomes available for the Switch. Let’s hope that isn’t a thing that’s going to happen. We want our classic Nintendo games liberated and portable in these days of the Switch. Let them roam with us and keep us company during train journeys and plane trips.

So are you interested in the SNES Mini and if so, are you going to buy one (should that be try to buy one)? Or are you going to leave the queue and make a stand?

Listen in to Episode 97 of the Gamers of the Lost Spark Podcast to hear views on this and much more. Continue reading

Does Zelda Make The Nintendo Switch A Must Buy?

It’s here! Yes, Nintendo’s console/portable hybrid was released last week and it looks like the launch has been quite the success if early sales figures are anything to go by.

Sleek, shiny and tactile, listen in to episode 82 of your ever faithful podcast to hear James (BIGsheep) and Antony give their hands-on verdict on this latest innovation that lies waiting to transform your gaming experience, cutting the shackles of an experience that up to now was only for the seated gamer, within the confines of their private abode. Having both bought one at launch, James and Antony are in prime position to gush about all the positives the hardware has to offer, positively ooze love and kisses over the game the console has been bought for – good old Zelda (mild spoilers from 1hr 03min to 1hr 30min), and also, of course in the interests of fairness, point out any negative points that have marred their experience of getting down and dirty with the Switch.
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Will The Strength Of Its Games Always Be Enough For Nintendo To Ignore Power?

‘Now Your Playing With Power’ proclaimed the 1986 NES marketing campaign that is just so wonderfully a product of those 80’s days. Fast forward 30 years and there’s a different cry that seems to resonate from Nintendo’s camp.  It’s all about the games now, and that previously lauded power is secondary…

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Nintendo Are So Hot Right Now, Is It Time To Release The NX?

Join the Sparks once more as we discuss the ins and outs of the week in Games. With Pokemon GO soaring beyond the stratosphere on a rocket propelled rainbow of success Nintendo have announced their next console – perfect timing.

Hang on though, This isn’t the long rumoured and awaited code named NX that Ninty fans have been waiting for with bated breath. Instead, it’s almost as good, a small but perfectly formed mini NES from the beginning of the Nintendo boom way back in 1983 is the next console that we are about to gratefully receive. It’s a great time to announce it as recently, with the boost Pokemon GO has given to the big N, their stocks have only recently surpassed the highs that they reached back when the NES first became available and ushered the name Nintendo into worldwide consciousness as  household name to be forever associated with the gaming characters we love.

With 30 games built in and support for two controllers, the Nintendo Classic Mini looks like it could easily become a welcome edition to gamers young and old who want to relive a slice of how it all started. The games list is not lacking either with a cavalcade of quality titles spanning the lifetime of the legendary home console including favourites such as Bubble Bobble, Excitebike, Donkey Kong, Zelda and of course Mario.

With Nintendo fever at record temperatures, the Sparks wonder if now would be the perfect time for Nintendo to seize hold of this current sensational high riding wave and get some NX announcements out there into the eager gaming community?

At least Nintendo didn’t put on a keynote for the release of their next console and then produce this at E3, I can’t imagine the disappointment from gamers throughout the world as Nintendo’s next console was revealed. If we weren’t all so excited to see more of the NX, it may have made quite a good prank.

Thank goodness they didn’t though eh.

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The Lost Spark E3 Podcast Extravaganza Strikes Back

Strap yourself in because it’s back! The Lost Sparks breakdown and analyse the E3 2016 Press Conferences:

EA (00:01:49)
Bethesda (00:14:18)
Microsoft (00:45:19)
UbiSoft (02:22:00)
Sony (02:45:00)

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The Lost Spark Essential E3 2016 Games List

Phil Spencer – The Big Interview

Would Oculus Support Convince You To Upgrade To Scorpio?

The rumour mill is at it again and the latest morsel to bounce off from that ever turning grindstone is the speculation that Microsoft are, as many have suspected, indeed working on some new Xbox hardware. A slim model firstly will be bestowed upon us and next, the much more exciting idea of an Xbox One upgrade – codenamed ‘Scorpio’ – that will house a more powerful GPU and technically could handle 4K. Though unless the I/O transfer was increased this would mean lengthy load times for 4K content.

These specs mean that the Scorpio could technically support Oculus Rift which surely would be a great boon to the guys over at Microsoft in wake of Sony being well on the run up to releasing their own VR system for PS4.

Lets hope we hear more at the upcoming Microsoft event at E3.

The question is, if this Xbox Scorpio does come to fruition, would you upgrade your existing Xbox One for the benefits of this next iteration? Or is it all too early for such upgrades?

How do you feel about this shift in console life-cycles and deployment that seems to want to bring itself more in line with the Apple model of more iterative updates rolled out more frequently? Should it be left as it always has been, with a big gap and a big jump in tech for the newer models upon release (not so obvious a jump these days it seems). Or is that ideology an antiquated concept these days and by getting in line with Apple, are Sony and Microsoft merely moving inevitably along with the demands of current times?
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