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First Ever Video Game Themed Hotel

This week on the Lost Spark Podcast Stuart and Antony discuss all the latest gaming news including Atari getting into the Hotel Business, Media Molecule holding the first IMPY awards, their own award ceremony for content created in Dreams and Nintendo’s smartphone games have made over $1 billion!!

In the hands-on section Stuart has gone back to the voxel hack-n-slash Riverbond to finish the story and mop up those final achievements.  Antony has also been enjoy the voxel graphic style with Touryst, a action adventure game on the Switch.

Also this week Antony has been playing a new Xbox Game Pass gem A Plague Tale: Innocence; this stealthy adventure game set in France during the Hundred Year War tells the tale of a brother and sister escaping the Inquisition and the hordes of rats that have evade the french countryside.

All this and more on episode 175 of the Lost Spark Podcast, enjoy!

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