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The Voyage of The Lost Spark

This week on the Lost Spark Podcast Steve and Antony discuss the latest Nintendo news; a launch date for the Switch online services, confirmation of the new animated Mario movie by the studio behind Despicable Me and, if that’s not enough Mario Kart is coming to mobile.

Hands on impressions this week include Oxenfree, Shadow of War, and Antony takes a deep dive into Sea of Thieves.

All of this and we have a breakdown of the latest games coming to PS Plus, some backlash from Microsoft’s Game Pass announcement and much more.

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PS Plus Games for February

Will You Switch To Nintendo?

The big news this week on the Lost Spark Podcast is the reveal of the Nintendo Switch and so of course, your friendly neighbourhood Sparks’ dive into the announcement with gusto discussing thoughts on Nintendo’s reveal trailer, speculation of those questions that the reveal didn’t answer and everything we know so far about Nintendo’s latest tech.

Is portability the killer move for Nintendo with this new platform in an era where smartphones and tablets do have a chunk of the market? Or does the fully fleshed out, more rounded and complete gaming experience that the Switch will offer give it the edge in that area, or is this a niche of its own, becoming what the Vita or even indeed the Wii U portable screen should have been?
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