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The Gamers Minit

This week Antony and James (ole Captain Black Sheep Thomas) are back behind the mics to discuss the latest batch of Xbox backward compatible and enhanced titles to hit the Xbox One, reports that Call of Duty could be shipping without a single-player campaign, and Video games will be taking over the V&A museum from September.

Also on this week’s podcast the guys chat about their continuing voyages in Sea of Thieves and their first encounter with ‘Karen the Kraken’, James talks about fantastic new game from Devolver Digital, Minit, and Antony Hordes like it’s 2008 and tests out the newly enhanced Gears of War 2.

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Antony’s Countdown to Infinity War List

Video Games exhibition at the V&A

Red Read Redemption graphics comparison

The Master Chief Collection Update

Naughty Dog Does DLC Right – Will Others Follow?

With Sony announcing that Uncharted 4’s Multiplayer experience will be underpinned by a new philosophy of ‘Fairness First’ the Sparks are stunned and elated to hear that all future maps and modes will be included in the game for free and that vanity and gameplay in-game store items will all be attainable by gameplay.

Yes, it’s exactly how it should be done and is it not a shame that this action is such a surprise? It really shows how the industry has changed over the years. Check out the core philosophies involved in more detail here.

With a huge industry player throwing down the gauntlet and getting back to basics with regard to how unlocks should be earned, will others follow and lead us off this path we have found ourselves on?

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