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This One Time At Pocket Camp…

It’s episode 111 of the Lost Spark Podcast.  This week James has pulled himself away from his Pocket Camp and is joined by Manny and Antony to discuss, amongst other things, the newly released Animal Crossing Pocket Camp for iOS and Android.

Listen is as James, Manny, and Antony discuss their first days with this new pocket sized distraction.

Also on the pod this week in the ‘What We’ve Been Playing‘ section Manny goes hands-on with Wolfenstein II and gives his fresh take on Super Mario Odyssey.

James has been playing Super Mario Sunshine (yes that Mario game) and test drives his new OSSC device, a device that converts Start/RGB to HDMI to make the consoles of yesteryear so sharp and fresh on the latest gen TVs.

And finally, Antony has wrapped up the Call of Duty campaign for this year and tackles Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 on Xbox One X.

All of this and the week’s gaming news all available in this week’s Lost Spark Podcast.

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