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The Moss Anticipated Game of the Year

It’s episode 120 of the Lost Spark Podcast, James and Antony are back on mic duties to talk about to talk about the latest in video games news.

This week the guys chat about Capcom’s announcement that Monster Hunter is the biggest selling game ever, Chucklefish has released details of their next magical game, and EA release a tease about this year’s installment of Battlefield.

Hands-on impressions this week include James dabbling in the world of Pokemon Snap on the N64, Part Time UFO on mobile and Antony goes hands on and head-over-heels in love with Moss, the new PSVR puzzle platformer from Polyarc.

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The PS4 Slim Is Out Now…On eBay!


This week we got our first glimpse at one of Sony’s surprises for their September 7th PlayStation Meeting as the new PlayStation 4 Slim popped up on sale on both Gumtree and eBay.  Both Eurogamer and Kotaku covered the story and one report from Eurogamer visited the seller at his home to verify the authenticity of the new PS4 Slim!

Has this ruined one of Sony’s surprise or does this clear the decks for the unveiling of the new PlayStation, currently codenamed Neo?

With only a few weeks away until the PlayStation Meeting can Sony protect its other secret announcements and not spring anymore leaks?

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