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Did Walmart Just Spoil The Big E3 Announcements?

This week on the Lost Spark Podcast Steve makes a triumphant return to chat with Antony about all the latest goings on in the world of gaming.

This week the guys chat about Nintendo’s online service, the end of the Virtual Console, and in a somewhat ham-fisted move, did Walmart Canada pull the trigger on their website update too soon and spoil big E3 surprises?

We have hands-on impressions of Far Cry 5, Firewatch and Max: Curse of Brotherhood from Steve and Antony discusses his latest obsession, Cities Skylines on Xbox Game Pass as well as hands-on with Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze on the Switch and a spooky add-on for Star Wars Battlefront 2.

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Did The Playstation Meeting Dampen The Excitement For The PS4 Pro?

This week Antony is joined once again by James (@BIGsheep) as he completes his hat-trick of consecutive Lost Spark Pods.  In this episode the Sparks discuss the PlayStation Meeting, the Apple Event and of course there’s a little Bake Off thrown in too.

The biggest news of the week was the announcement (finally) of the PS4 Pro and the new slimline PS4.  In a somewhat dull and lacklustre announcement event in New York, Sony introduced the PS4 Pro to the gaming press and waiting public (via Twitch and YouTube etc).

So what is the PS4 Pro? It’s a 4K and HDR capable version of the PlayStation 4 (but with no 4K Blu-ray support) that’s going to beef up the visuals of both your existing PS4 gaming catalogue, via a forward compatibility patch.  The new console will also upgrade the quality of PSVR games either by framerate or graphical finesse.

In a surprise announcement the PS4 Pro will double the visual quality of PSVR games, a somewhat low-blow for the 40 million PS4 owners who may have pre-ordered their PSVR already.

On the plus side Sony announced that an HDR firmware update would be coming in the following weeks to all existing PlayStation 4s so if you have an HDR capable TV your PS4 visuals are going to get a free graphical increase.

Overall the event was a strange affair with a very post-show lukewarm reception from the gaming masses.  How do you feel about the PS4 Pro? Will you be buying the new console on day one? Let us know either in the comments below or on twitter (@LostSparkPod).

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Does Firefight Now Make Halo 5 The Complete Multiplayer Package?

This week the Sparks, with help from our friends at Globegig Media are trying something a little different, we go in front of the camera to bring you the first ever video version of the Lost Spark Podcast.  Please let us know in the YouTube comments what you think.

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Is Rocket League’s Xbox One Release Helped or Hindered by Being Ex PS-Plus?

In this week’s episode, Antony and Darren discuss the anticipated release of the acclaimed Rocket League on Xbox One and ponder over whether the fact that the game launched as a free PS Plus title would help it sell over on Microsoft’s platform due to the love furnished upon it at that time, or could this legacy make potential buyers hesitate to part with their cash in the hope that as it was free over on PS4 it won’t be long to become free on Xbox One… Is there an equation here? Desire vs Patience?

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Unravel the Hidden Xbox Gem, EA Access – Is It Enough To Open Your Wallet?

The first gaming gem of 2016, Unravel is less than a month away (releases 9th February) and EA Access is offering subscribers 10 hours of unrestricted access to this adorable title 5 days ahead of it’s release date as well as a 10% discount – this is just one of many enticements EA have offered Xbox gamers since EA Access launched back in August 2014 and costing no more than a pumpkin spice latte per month, is EA Access a hidden gem? Continue reading

Does the Star Wars Battlefront Season Pass Signify No Escape from this Dark Side?


In this week’s Podcast we’re joined by special guest Spark James Thomas (@BIGsheep).

Darren and Antony are still hyper from the Star Wars Battlefront beta but as the dust settles on the battlegrounds of Hoth, things are not as rosy as they seem…

The Sparks discuss the post-beta Star Wars Battlefront news and debate Season Passes, feedback from the beta and how long the Battlefront excitement will last.

Darren despairs at the trend of the Season Pass, trembling at its inclusion in Star Wars is a true portent of the ultimate finality of the practice. It really does seem that no matter how load the disagreements are, in the end, its cash that counts and just like Destiny the money will roll in and the trend will continue… But is it really that bad? It is down to choice after all…

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