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The 2016 Gamers of The Lost Spark New Year Special

Yep, it’s the end of our first full year of podcasting and so in true gaming pundit form, the Eye of Spark Towers shines out and focuses on the games of 2016 in our 2nd Game of the Year Extravaganza.

It’s gonna be captivating, even enrapture-vating!

But firstly, in the spirit of the New Year descending upon us, here’s a brief retrospective and some offerings of thanks;

Since starting off in May 2015 the Sparks have grown considerably and we are really proud of what we have created, realising our ambition of creating a positive, energetic and objective look into the world of video games and associated technology through our eyes – gamer eyes.

We are absolutely delighted with the brand that we have created – just the two of us – and seeing the show reaching a wider audience over the last year and a half or so has been a real source of joy and excitement for us. It’s a real hard struggle to make a dream a reality especially when starting with nothing. Everything we have done has been voluntary and out of our spare time and with no commercial aid. We are formed on the basis of our iron gaming wills alone!

Special thanks must also, of course, go out to the fantastic James Thomas (@BIGsheep) for agreeing to guest on our show many moons ago now and for enjoying it so much that he has become a regular on the show. For all the appearances and all the input – Thanks James!

Of course, most importantly, we would like to thank You. Our listeners. For turning up, for listening in, for getting involved and helping us grow. Any venture of this type is nothing without an audience and so the biggest appreciation and thanks go to you. We will strive to continue to develop content for you to enjoy and trust us when we say it really is our pleasure to be out there for your listening pleasure. Thanks Guys!

This is our 75th Podcast and interestingly if you were insane enough to play them back in one ginormous playlist, it would run for… 181 hours!

That’s almost 7 and a half days worth of pure gaming chat, speculation and laughter encapsulating the last year and a half. It’s an achievement we are incredibly proud to look back on.

This week, Antony, James and Darren take the time to give the results of their top 3 games of the year after the difficult job of whittling down the many quality titles in what has been a solid year of gaming across the main platforms.

Tune in, not only hear the guys top 3 games of 2016 but also the results of these other challenging categories posed to the guys. Not an easy task and one which certainly caused a head scratch or two in the process of winner picking:

  • Honourable Mention
  • 2016 Missed Opportunity
  • Biggest Disappointment
  • Biggest High Point
  • 2017 Prediction

So, welcome one and all, join in the fun and take a listen and if you like what you hear, stick with us through 2017 – it’s gonna be one heck of a year!

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Nintendo Are So Hot Right Now, Is It Time To Release The NX?

Join the Sparks once more as we discuss the ins and outs of the week in Games. With Pokemon GO soaring beyond the stratosphere on a rocket propelled rainbow of success Nintendo have announced their next console – perfect timing.

Hang on though, This isn’t the long rumoured and awaited code named NX that Ninty fans have been waiting for with bated breath. Instead, it’s almost as good, a small but perfectly formed mini NES from the beginning of the Nintendo boom way back in 1983 is the next console that we are about to gratefully receive. It’s a great time to announce it as recently, with the boost Pokemon GO has given to the big N, their stocks have only recently surpassed the highs that they reached back when the NES first became available and ushered the name Nintendo into worldwide consciousness as  household name to be forever associated with the gaming characters we love.

With 30 games built in and support for two controllers, the Nintendo Classic Mini looks like it could easily become a welcome edition to gamers young and old who want to relive a slice of how it all started. The games list is not lacking either with a cavalcade of quality titles spanning the lifetime of the legendary home console including favourites such as Bubble Bobble, Excitebike, Donkey Kong, Zelda and of course Mario.

With Nintendo fever at record temperatures, the Sparks wonder if now would be the perfect time for Nintendo to seize hold of this current sensational high riding wave and get some NX announcements out there into the eager gaming community?

At least Nintendo didn’t put on a keynote for the release of their next console and then produce this at E3, I can’t imagine the disappointment from gamers throughout the world as Nintendo’s next console was revealed. If we weren’t all so excited to see more of the NX, it may have made quite a good prank.

Thank goodness they didn’t though eh.

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The Essential E3 2016 Games List

It’s back! The Lost Spark E3 Essential games list is here.

No need to run from site to site in order to create your most wanted games list. The sparks have done the hard work for you with our guide to the most essential titles shown at E3 2016.

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Is Rare Replay the Greatest Games Collection Ever and Will Purists Revolt at Old Skool Tweaks?

Rare ReplayIn this week’s podcast you can feel the excitement building for what could be the greatest games collection ever made; Rare Replay, brimming over with 700 hours of gameplay from 30 titles spanning 30 glorious gaming years! All for 30 bucks! Or even cheaper as spendthrift Darren found out which brings up the debate of Digital vs Physical purchases once again!

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