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What is more important to you? Playing Games or Completing Games?


By Darren Whitham (@dazwhitham) on 1st February 2015

So, in recent times, with the gaming blessed latter half of 2015 in particular, I have found that getting through the plentiful bevy of games before me has started to become a rather daunting task.¬†Maybe it’s that I am just reeling from this recent influx of premium open world ‘Triple A’ titles.

As a gamer with a young son who requires my attention most of the time but who is not old enough for me to play certain games in front of, I have found that the jaws of time are increasingly snapping away at how long I can spend at my beloved hobby.

Maybe just experiencing a game could be enough, just play for as long as it takes to appreciate it and then, call it a day, move on, get on to the backlog… after all, they’re all fun games –¬†and isn’t fun the whole point?

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