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Game Review Scoring – An Idea And Contemplations


By Darren Whitham (@dazwhitham) on 26th September 2016

Love them or loathe them, review scores have been around for just about as long as the games we know and love. There has always been a desire for this simple system – a score upon which the gamer can base an idea of whether they should spend their hard earned cash on the next piece of gaming goodness they have their eye on.

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What is more important to you? Playing Games or Completing Games?


By Darren Whitham (@dazwhitham) on 1st February 2015

So, in recent times, with the gaming blessed latter half of 2015 in particular, I have found that getting through the plentiful bevy of games before me has started to become a rather daunting task. Maybe it’s that I am just reeling from this recent influx of premium open world ‘Triple A’ titles.

As a gamer with a young son who requires my attention most of the time but who is not old enough for me to play certain games in front of, I have found that the jaws of time are increasingly snapping away at how long I can spend at my beloved hobby.

Maybe just experiencing a game could be enough, just play for as long as it takes to appreciate it and then, call it a day, move on, get on to the backlog… after all, they’re all fun games – and isn’t fun the whole point?

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Would you want to be Immortalised in VR?


By Darren Whitham (@dazwhitham) on 28th November 2015

Imagine a time where being able to visit your ancient ancestors in VR is commonplace. A world where akin to Superman, we all have our own equivalent of his Fortress of Solitude.

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Release Collisions – Is there room on the road for Mad Max and MGSV?


By Darren Whitham (@dazwhitham) on 26th August 2015MSG5

Let’s get straight to the question at hand here, and that is:

Why is Mad Max being released on the same day as Metal Gear Solid V?

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Journey: When Games Become Art – a personal interpretation

By Darren Whitham (@dazwhitham) on 22nd July 2015


Having just sat down and played through the excellent game Journey once again on my PS4 after it being released yesterday I can unequivocally state that the game has lost none of its charm nor magic. In fact it retains both and in great proportions. The game is an absolute joy to play and no small part of its genius is down to the open ended nature of the story that just begs the player to theorize about the purpose of the protagonists eponymous Journey. So much so that after being swept away once more in ThatGameCompany’s world and thoroughly enjoying the experience that Jenova Chen’s design combined with Austin Wintory’s stunning score deliver to the player, I could not resist putting finger to keyboard to try and capture how the playthrough made me feel, how it captivated me and how I believe the story of Journey unfolds through the eyes of the central character…

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Could Windows 10 be the Ultimate Evolution of Xbox One?

By Darren Whitham on 4th June 2015


The announced release date of Windows 10 on July 29th, brings with it an array of features that look like they will bring a more Xbox type feel to PC gaming. Or to be more specific, a more unified experience both between Xbox One and PC and perhaps more significantly, bringing some of the best features of Xbox gaming into their new operating system. Announced in January on Xbox Wire Phil Spencer lifted the lid on the following exciting features: Continue reading

When are Remakes OK and Can They Live Up to Nostalgia

By Darren Whitham on 20th May 2015

With the recent teaser for the new Doom game being shown by Bethesda it got me thinking about the amount of re-releases we are currently being offered especially since the dawn of the current gen. Continue reading