A Decade Of Gaming Awesomeness

As we get closer to the end of 2019 and the end of this decade James and Antony take a moment to reminisce through the years and pick their ultimate game of the decade.

Hands-on this week include the new obsession that is sweeping through the Sparks and that is the mighty Demon’s Tilt, a demonic take on pinball that has already started a leaderboard battle to end all leaderboard battles.

James has also been Luigi’s Mansion 3 (of course), Death Stranding and during his deliberation for game of the decade remembered a classic stand-out game, Gunpoint.  Also to round off James’ list of games he has jumped into Ori and the Blind Forest and Guacamelee 2.

Antony rounds off the hands-on section with Halo Reach as he takes the 4K HDR version of this outstanding Halo title for a spin.

All this and lots more in episode 171 of the Lost Spark Podcast – enjoy!

If you want more information on some of the items in this weeks Podcast here are some handy links:

James’ Viva Piñata Crochet for Special Effect

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