Controlled Excitement

It’s September and James and Antony are podding together, that can mean only one thing, it’s time for Gamers of the Lost Bake Off Tent!! The guys do finally get into the latest gaming news but first they breakdown the first two episodes from the latest season of The Great British Bake Off.

When James and Antony do finally get around to discussing what they have been playing they get very excited about the latest game from Remedy, Control.  Listen in as James and Antony are overjoyed and excited about just how good Control is.

Hands-on impression also include Dicey Dungeon, Pandemic, more Slay the Spire and we knew it had to happen, Antony has jumped back into Viva Pi├▒ata (again!).

In the news section the guys discuss Overcooked 2’s new DLC coming in a week’s time, new games coming to Game Pass and all the rumours for the upcoming Nintendo Direct.

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If you want more information on some of the items in this weeks Podcast here are some handy links:

Wavepoint Radio Podcast talk about the #MeToo movement in the Games Industry

Kotaku’s #MeToo article

Fast and the Furriest Trailer (James’ taskmaster trailer)

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