Gardening in Norway

This week on the Lost Spark Podcast Stuart and Antony chat about Outer Worlds exclusivity, Destiny 2 gets cross-save from the end of August and the guys get excited about a FCC filing that may have revealed that Nintendo are going to release SNES games on the Switch.

In the hands-on section Stuart has been playing in the criminal underbelly of Redrock county with  American Fugitive, a 3D top-down open world game from Curve Digital.  Also taking advantage of the free weekend Stuart has discovered Vigor, a shoot ‘n’ loot shelter building game from the makers of DayZ and for a moment in the pod got Antony all excited when he said that he has been gardening, alas it wasn’t Viva Piñata but a post-nuclear Norwegian garden.

This week Antony has the Slay the Spire bug, passed on from James in the last episode. Antony is now deep into the deck building awesomeness of Slay the Spire, now available on Xbox via Game Pass.

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