Get Ready For A Radical Summer

This week it’s the Lost Spark Podcast Pre-E3 spectacular!  Join Stuart and Antony as they take to the mics and get excited for the biggest gaming event of the year and have a little fun with some wild speculations and predictions for the E3 conferences.  Antony, of course wants Viva Piñata and Batman to make an appearance and Stuart is banking on the xCloud beta going live during the Microsoft conference.  Listen in as the guys talk about what’s getting them excited, what they hope to see and those crazy predictions.

In the news section the Sparks breakdown the pricing and announcements from the Google Stadia event and get ready to try this streaming gaming platform when it launches in November.  What do you think of Stadia, are you ready to jump in and try a games streaming platform, let us know by emailing

In hands-on Antony and Stuart have been playing the awesome Beat Saber and Antony jumps into a quick look for Void Bastards, a new Xbox title added to Game Pass this month.

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Stadia Founders Edition

Rocket League’s Radical Summer

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