Anthem Is Getting Off To A Rough Start

This week on the Lost Spark Podcast Stuart and Antony are back together to discuss all the latest news in the world of gaming and of course when these two get together they always end up talking about cool AV tech and cinemas.  This week is no exception but don’t worry the guys do dive into the news about Borderlands 3, Anthem crashing PS4s and the excitement builds for the announcement of Respawn’s Star Wars game, which is due at Star Wars Celebration Chicago in April.

In the hands-on section this week Stuart has been wandering the apocalyptic wastelands of Hope County in Far Cry: New Dawn and testing his skills with Trials Rising.  Antony’s hands-on this week include completing the somewhat clunky Crackdown 3, jumping into the 10 hour trial of Anthem and trying out the new sci-fi metroidvania game from Double Fine, Headlander, now available on Xbox via Game Pass.

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