Orbs, Steaks and Wizards

This week on the Lost Spark Podcast James and Antony STEP UP THEIR BOOM! and go hunting for delicious delicious orbs as the guys take on Crackdown 3 on Xbox One.  Listen to their hands-on discussion of this latest addition to Xbox Game Pass; was it worth the wait, how is the orb collecting (spoiler: it’s amazing), just how much boom did they bring? Find out all of this and more on this week’s Lost Spark Podcast.

Other hands-on include the awesome Tetris 99, the new Battle Royale Tetris game exclusive to Nintendo Switch, Antony goes all anime with the ‘Jump Force’ the new Anime Smash game and ‘Defense Grid 2’ comes to Switch.

Also in this fun packed meaty episode, Antony recalls the delicious Tomahawk steaks he cooked for his birthday and James, the nicest pirate in all of the ‘Sea of Thieves’ loses it when Antony proclaims that “Fantastic Beast 2” wasn’t that bad.

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Norwich’s Fortnite Festival

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