The Cross Platform Dream Rockets Forward

This week on the Lost Spark pod Steve and Antony talk about the latest gaming news.  This week the guys discuss Bungie’s announcement that they will be leaving Activision and keeping the Destiny IP.  PlayStation’s cross play beta adds another title making Rocket League the second game to go cross-platform, meaning that you can now take on your friends across PC (Steam), Switch, Xbox and PS4, could this be the start of the cross platform dream, Antony can only hope!

In ‘What We’ve Been Playing’ Steve takes on Fallout ’76, hangs up his saddle after completing Red Dead Redemption 2 and thanks to the awesomeness of Xbox Game Pass has started ‘Life is Strange’ for the first time.  Antony has been playing the Resident Evil 2 ‘1-shot- demo and has rolled credits on Let’s Go Pokemon.

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