Lost Spark Forzathon

This week on the Lost Spark Podcast Stuart and Antony’s engines are revved up and ready to talk about Forza Horizon 4, after spending many hours racing around the beautiful English countryside and destroying the picturesque Cotswolds they are ready for a lengthy hands-on discussion; what do they love, what do they like and what amazes them in the latest edition to the Forza series, listen to this week’s Lost Spark Podcast to find out.

In the news section Antony is beside himself with rumours of a new Justice League game from Rocksteady AND if that’s not all, footage has leaked from a new Harry Potter game from potentially Avalanche Games.  Click the link below to watch the leaked footage of the game and listen into episode 137 to hear the Sparks excited to runaround Hogwarts in this open-world RPG.

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Leaked Harry Potter footage

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