PS4 Cross Play Funtime Is Here!

On this week’s bumper edition of the Lost Spark Podcast James and Antony take to the mics to cover all the latest news from the world of gaming.  The guys cover the exciting news that PlayStation has finally joined in on all the cross play fun and are now live with a beta version running in Fortnite.  What game is next? Will we ever see AAA 3rd party titles offering cross platform? Listen in to this week’s podcast to hear the guy’s take on this important first step.

Fresh from EGX James and Antony recap all the great indie titles that they got to play at this years show.  In their quest to seek out awesome new indie games they found great games like ‘What the Golf”, ‘Sketch Showdown’, ‘Phogs’, ‘Sticky Cats’ and lots more.

In ‘What We’ve Been Playing’ James takes on the adventure-puzzle game ‘The Gardens Between’, Antony continues his time with Marvel’s Spider-Man, delving deeper into the story.  Also this week the guys have started playing the first episode of ‘Life is Strange 2’, does this sequel to a Spark favourite live up to the first game? Find out on this week’s Lost Spark Podcast.

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