Phil’s Wonder Console

This week on the Lost Spark Podcast Steve and Antony chat about Anthem’s single player footage that was shown at PAX, Call of Duty’s player count for their upcoming Battle Royale beta and Antony talks A LOT about the upcoming Spider-Man game including  a breakdown of the story based DLC swinging into Spider-Man this October.

In our hands-on section Steve and Antony breakdown all the latest games that have been released onto Xbox Game Pass and spend a moment to applaud and praise this amazing service from Microsoft. With Game Pass and the newly announced Xbox All Access, a monthly payment scheme for an Xbox, Game Pass and Xbox Live; are we witnessing Microsoft testing how they will approach the next generation Xbox, or as the Sparks have named it, Phil’s Wonder Console (TM)!

Also in hands-on Antony talks about his time with Strange Brigade, a fun yet slightly frustrating take on ‘Left 4 Dead’.

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Spider-Man DLC trailer featuring Black Cat

Fan mock up of Henry Cavil as Geralt

Antony’s ’52 movies in 2018′ list in Letterboxd

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