Two Guys Talk A Lot About Forza (and Gamescom)

This week on the Lost Spark Podcast, GAMESCOM IS HERE! And with Gamescom comes a big ole bunch of gaming news.  Join Stuart and Antony as they breakdown all the latest news on some of the Spark’s favourite games; Forza Horizon 4 gets a Halo showcase, Sea of Thieves gets an explosive new update, and Battlefield V’s beta details are announced.

Also amongst the new release dates and updates was an announcement from Ubisoft that Assassin’s Creed will be taking a well deserved break in 2019, is this a great move for the franchise? Will the next Assassin’s Creed launch with the next gen hardware? Listen in as the Sparks debate all of this and more.

Hands-on impressions this week include more game time with Forza, Forza and more Forza, Stuart gets to grips with Dead Cells and Antony takes on an epic voyage in Sea of Thieves.  Plus Stuart dusts off his PSVR and gives Moss and Transference a whirl.

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Battlefield V Trailer

Herbert Museum Rare Exhibition

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