Ram, Rub and Tickle: A Dead Cells Story

This week on the Lost Spark Podcast James and Antony talk about the latest game to grip the Sparks, Dead Cells, this run-based rougelike-metroidvania masterpiece has the guys in adoration, elation and desperation as they try and perfect their runs.  Hear James and Antony’s in-depth hands-on of Dead Cells and count how many times they collectively say how amazing this game is, is this an early contender for game of the year?

Even with all the Dead Cell-ing, the guys still had time for other games; James takes on Overcooked 2 and updates us on the latest in Sea of Thieves.  Antony has a less than impressive time with We Happy Few and starts the first episode of The Walking Dead: The Final Season.

In the news section we discuss the return of Timesplitters, Nintendo’s online offering is getting closer, and James is happy to announce LUIGI AIN’T DEAD!

All of this and some professional firkling from the master of the mini-fig firkle.

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Harry Potter mini-figs

Overcooked 2 guide to unlocking the Kevin levels

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