E3 Special: Smash, Crackdown and Pop!

It’s that time again, it’s time for the annual Lost Spark E3 spectacular!  Join Manny, Steve and Antony as they rundown the highs, lows and down right craziness from this years E3 conferences.

Strap yourself in for this 3 hour edition of the Lost Spark Podcast and listen to what got Steve excited, what games Antony will be pre-ordering, and what game was so bonkers Manny can’t wait to play it.

We are also introducing something new to the Lost Spark E3 special this year, the ‘Manny Score‘, after each conference Manny and the rest of the guys rate the conferences out of 10; let us know if you think we scored them correctly, send us an email at feedback@gamersofthelostspark.com and let us know your comments.

If you want more information on some of the items in this weeks Podcast here are some handy links:

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