This week on the Lost Spark Podcast Steve and Antony take to the mics to discuss the latest in the world of gaming.  And this week is a BIG week because THE DUKE IS BACK!!  That’s right, the mammoth controller from the original Xbox days is making a coming back thanks to the creator of the Xbox, Seamus Blackley.

Also in the news this week Eurogamer are reporting that Playground Games, makers of the Forza Hoizion series could be working on the next Fable game. Although a new Fable may be some way off it doesn’t stop the Sparks from getting excited.

In the ‘What We’ve Been Playing’ section Steve is still deep in 1940’s Los Angeles with L.A. Noir on the Switch and Antony has jumped back into Forza Horizon 3 to marvel at the new enhanced  4K patch that has rolled out.  If you thought Forza Horizon 3 was amazing, check out the latest patch not he Xbox One X to see the eye-poppingly gorgeous environments and added detail to the impressive car rooster.

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