Xbox One, Is X Really Gonna Give It To Ya?

On the show this week Antony (@ChessmanUK) is joined by two new Sparks; ‘Friend of the Show’ Manny (@Manuel_Garcia) and from D-pad Joy‘s, Steve (@ste_carter91).

This week we discuss the newly released Xbox One X and give our hands on impressions of ‘the world’s most powerful console’, does the Xbox One X live up to the hype and does Forza 7 look so shiny it will hurt your eyes; join the Sparks for episode 109 and find out.

Also this week in ‘What We’ve Been Playing‘ Manny and Steve share their time with the wonderful Super Mario Odyssey, Manny goes hands on with Shadow of War, and Antony takes on Call of Duty: WW2’s campaign.

All of this and this week’s gaming news, all in episode 109 of the Lost Spark Podcast.

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