Nindies and Nidhoggs

Welcome to another episode of the Lost Spark podcast. This week we have a bumper packed show with a bevy of all the latest news from this week in gaming. With thoughts on the Xbox One X Project Scorpio edition selling out pretty much everywhere worldwide and Microsoft’s elation and commitment to fulfill demand, all the games coming in September from PlayStation Plus and Games with Gold, right through to employees of KFC being trapped in a room by Colonel Sanders until they learn the hallowed Chicken Mastery in VR.

There’s also a good look at the latest Nintendo Nindies Summer Showcase that aired an hour before recording with a look at the highlights from the selection of over 20 titles for Switch that Nintendo packed into just 22 minutes.

Antony gets to grips with Nidhogg 2 and discovers, much to Dazza’s chagrin that he is in fact the lord and master of the game. Destined to forever wear the beloved Nidhogg Crown encrusted with jewels and claymation body parts and leaving Dazza shaking his head in fury at having Antony dance upon his face with his feet just one too many times. It really is some top notch non stop fun.

This week in What We’ve Been Playing – Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is the big game of the moment. The guys discuss their thoughts on adventuring along with Chloe Frazer and Nadine Ross through the Indian outback in search of the Tusk of Ganesh. The balance of gameplay, length of the adventure and the graphics all come under the Spark microscope along with thoughts on how the series feels in Nathan Drakes’ absence.


In the news this week Nintendo hosted their Nindies Showcase, the 22 minute direct gave  Switch owners their first look at a range of new titles, and some we already knew about coming to the console this year and early 2018

Stand out announcements were Super Meat Boy Forever, the sequel to the indie favourite was announced for launch in 2018.  Super Meat Boy Forever will include a range of new upgraded features;

“Dr. Fetus is being a jerk again (as he does), but this time he’s kidnapped Meat Boy and Bandage Girl’s adorable little baby girl, named Nugget!” the official game description reads.

“Meat Boy and Bandage Girl will be put through the grinder as they jump, slide, punch and kick through 6 chapters containing randomly constructed levels that increase in difficulty each time you rank them up.

“Beat a level, it ranks, next time you play it you get a harder version of that level until you eventually master it! There are bosses, secrets, dying, awesome music, beautiful art, and dying!

A list of all the games and release dates supplied by Nintendo for future Switch releases, can be found below and trailers can be found on Nintendo’s YouTube page:

  • Super Meat Boy Forever – coming 2018
  • Shovel Knight King of Card – Coming Early 2018
  • Mom Hid My Game – Coming Late 2017
  • Golf Story – Coming September 2017
  • Floor Kids – Coming Holiday 2017
  • Wulver Blade – Coming September 2017
  • Poly Bridge – Coming Holiday 2017 – Console exclusive
  • Kentucky Route Zero TV Edition – Coming Early 2018
  • Earth Atlantis – Coming This Fall
  • Next Up Hero – Coming Early 2018 – Joy-Con
  • SteamWorld Dig 2 – September 21 2017
  • Mulaka – Coming Early 2018
  • Yono – October 12
  • Dragon Marked For Death – Exclusive launch Winter 2017
  • Morphies Law – Coming Winter 2017
  • Sausage Sports Club – Fall 2017
  • Light Fingers – Coming Early 2018
  • Nine Partchments – Holiday 2017
  • No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again – Exclusive Coming 2018

It’s free games time again and kicking off September we have a new batch of Games with Gold titles on Xbox One.

Xbox Live Gold members can download Forza Motorsport 5: Racing Game of the Year Edition during the month of September and get ready for highly anticipated Forza Motorsport 6, which comes to Xbox in October.

Coming later in the month is the fantastic Oxenfree. Oxenfree is a supernatural thriller about a group of friends who unwittingly open a ghostly rift. Play as Alex, a bright, rebellious teenager who brings her new stepbrother Jonas to an overnight party on an old military island.

Oxenfree will be available for free from 16th September to 15th October.

On Xbox 360, starting 1st September, Hydro Thunder Hurricane and Battlefield 3.

Over on PlayStation you will be able to download for free the third instalment in the hugely successful inFAMOUS franchise, inFAMOUS: Second Son and the beautiful and dreamlike fairy-tail RPG, Child of Light

There’s also some extra bonus titles in this month’s lineup, including a free PSVR game, RIGS. This is a first and a very welcome edition for PS Plus, time to dust off the PSVR and give RIGS a try!

As always, the PS4 line-up is joined by four additional titles – two apiece for both PS3 and PS Vita – which leaves the final line-up looking like this:

It’s a fully stocked VR News Desk this week, with items ranging from the fight against dementia in Sea Hero Quest VR, to the aforementioned Chicken Training. Also, the guys discuss the exciting news that Alien Isolation has been modded by fan Zack Fannon to allow the game to work in VR. The game that was used as an early demo to lure in the fans is playable on current HMD’s (Oculus and Vive) at last. A bit buggy and an early alpha release but this could really be something.

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