Crash Bandicoot Shows Again That Nostalgia Equals Cash

This week, Antony and Darren make the best they can out of the snippets of news flying around in a quiet week for the industry. There’s never a dull moment though as the most eye opening stories of the week get the Sparks’ unique analysis.

Among the topics this time on the pod, is the phenomenal success of new release – Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy, as it shot in straight into the number one spot in the UK gaming charts.

We have had a bit of a nostalgia renaissance recently with the likes of WipeOut and Tekken getting recent releases and doing well, thank goodness Yooka Laylee didn’t spoil the vibe.

It seems that gaming nostalgia is a powerful force for all of us and who can blame us for having such affections for the games of yore that we loved when we were younger. Maybe it was a game we got with a system at a young age, maybe it was a title we had looked forward to for a long time and loved, or maybe a title can just take you back and remind you of a time of your life that is preserved around the memory of enjoying your gaming and life back in the glory days.

Is it as simple as this though for the marketing folks? Are we as easy to target as looking down a list of 20 year old games and picking a popular one for re-release, porting it over, adding a lick of HD and then sitting back and letting the cash roll in? This latest release of ‘Cash’ Bandicoot (ho ho), has been snapped up by an adoring gaming public with open arms (and wallets). So much so that has reported that it is the biggest single format release of the year, narrowly beating triple A powerhouses like Horizon Zero Dawn to this coveted spot.

Looks like we all have a soft touch for these games of our youth and if there’s a market there then who can blame the publishers getting updates out there for us all. It would be hard to imagine for instance, anyone being averse to the likes of the Final Fantasy VII remake that has it’s feet well and truly grounded in the swirling pink mists of adoration that thousands of gamers had for the original way back when.

With it’s surprising success – and at full price too – it looks like we have our proof once again that our nostalgia can be spun into gold and if this means more coveted games of yesteryear will be given the same treatment, then bring it on.

There’s a slight slump in the gaming ecosystem! The Spark’s are struggling to find new amazing games to tide them over to the likes of Splatoon 2 and Shadow of War and so, the guys find themselves enjoying some of the fantastic treats we have already been fortunate to play. Revisiting Zelda on the Switch and appreciating how great this games still feels, the guys discuss some of their favourite moments from Nintendo’s wonderfully accomplished game and also talk a little about what games they turn to in a gaming lull.

This week in the news we discuss the strong hints that developer PlatinumGames has dropped on twitter about it’s awesome hack-and-slash series coming to the Nintendo Switch.

In a tweet the developer posted these Bayonetta pictures with the background colour scheme bearing a obvious reference to the neon JoyCons that Darren is currently rocking on his Switch.

Adding more flame to the rumours, the developer has “liked” several comments where fans pointed out the colour-coded connection to the Switch

July’s PlayStation Plus free games are now available. PS Plus subscribers have a total of six new games to download across PS4, PS3, and PS Vita.

PS4 owners can grab the awesome teen-horror game Until Dawn and Telltale’s episodic Game of Thrones series right now. The timing of the latter works out nicely with the show returning in July. PS4 and Vita owners can also enjoy bullet hell title Don’t Die, Mr. Robot, thanks to Cross-Buy support. The other PS Vita game this month is indie exploration game Element4l.

On PS3, Plus members receive Darkstalkers Resurrection and Tokyo Jungle, the brilliant, quirky action game where you play as various animals in a post-apocalyptic version of Tokyo.

In addition, the first PlayStation Playlink mobile title, That’s You!, is available for Plus members free from now until 24th October.

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