Should 4K Consoles Be Offering Increased Storage?

It’s Episode 96 of the Gamers of the Lost Spark Podcast and with E3 out of the way (just), Antony and Darren get together once again to discuss all the happenings after the dust has settled. Braving the blistering heat of their respective studio’s as the UK swelters beneath an intense heatwave, nothing as paltry as ridiculously high temperatures will stop the guys from having their say.

This week the guys raise the issue of 4K console storage capacities. In light of recent news that there is a strong possibility the 4K version of Forza Motorsport 7 will be around the 100Gb mark, the guys question the included storage offered in consoles targeting 4K games and ask if this is something that needs a little reconsideration.

Back in the day, let’s say 2010, the Xbox 360 S came with a 250 Gb hard drive – an ample amount of space for the time as most big titles came in at around under 8Gb. As an example in 2010 we got some great games such as Red Dead Redemption – 7.46 GB and Call of Duty Black Ops – 7.66GB. This size was average for the time with the odd game – such as Mass Effect 2 -weighing in at more than this with a staggering (for the time) 13.23 GB.

Taking the average as 8GB for a top tier game at this time this meant that your included storage would allow you to install 31 games of this size onto your included internal disk (sizes taken from the Microsoft Store).

Now as we enter the 4K arena, it makes sense that install sizes are going to be larger to take into account all those extra shiny bells and whistles that are added and so with a game like Forza 7 looking like it will take a 100GB slice of your storage, it doesn’t take a genius to work out that at 1TB of internal storage provided in the box (like the Xbox One X that Major Nelson recently showed to Geoff Keighly at E3), this is only going to give gamers room for 10 games before it’s time for a further investment in an external drive to house the over-spill.

Of course, using an external drive has it’s benefits. You don’t have to do that transfer of data when you get a new console, you can just plug it in and it’s all there and that is fantastic. It’s quick and it’s elegant.

Storage is also fairly cheap and readily available with 4TB external drives going for around the £120 mark on Amazon and the relatively cheap price makes it even more surprising that a larger drive as standard has not been introduced.

The question is, is this something that we are ready for? Is the fact that the 1TB size of the included disk in current 4K targeting consoles is a fair assumption of how much data the consumer is going to need?

Plus, is the task of factoring in the price of an external hard drive becoming a necessity as opposed to a luxury something that gamers should be expected to be adding in to their new console budgets?

Listen in and hear the guys discuss not only this but much more.

This week in the What We’ve Been Playing section, Daz took Antony’s advice and got himself a copy of Ori and the Blind Forest having passed it by upon release. Listen in to hear Dazza overflow with love for a game that he could have missed, a real gem of challenge, beauty and the most wonderfully tight controls that is now up there with his most loved games.

Antony, chats about boldly going nowhere fast when Daz is on board the crew in Star Trek Bridge Crew as the guys cross play and join PSVR and HTC Vive in Ubisoft’s social sci fi simulator and gives us his view on Telltale’s latest episode of Guardians of the Galaxy.

As the dust settles on another amazing E3, we look back at what games grabbed the most interest during the show and thanks to YouTube, who kept a tally of views for all of the E3 announcement trailers we have a top 10 most watched trailers.

No surprise to see that the Star Wars Battlefront 2 trailer is top of the list but interesting to see some key games not making the top ten.

Don’t forget a full Lost Spark E3 podathon is now available here and a one-stop-shop of all the important E3 trailers can be found on our ‘Essential E3 Games List’ here

In the news this week The Nintendo Switch has received its first substantial system update since launch, version 3.0.0.

The update adds a whole host of features designed to streamline or improve the experience of using the console and its menus.

The update should automatically download, but if it doesn’t, just head to Settings > System > System Update.

For a full list of improvements head over to Nintendo Support.

And finally, Images of a boxed copy of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered have turned up online, with rumours the game will be releasing as soon as next week, but they said it would never happen…

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