Lost Spark E3 2017 Predictions

This week, as E3 grips the Sparks, James and Antony run-through the E3 press schedule timings and spend a moment to wildly speculate and try to predict what will be announced during the highlight of the gaming calendar, E3!

Will we see Nintendo adding ‘Deluxe’ to all of the old Wii U titles and release them on the Switch? Will Spider-Man open the Sony conference? Will we see The Avengers on stage at Microsoft’s conference? Join James and Antony for episode 94 of the Lost Spark Podcast for this and all the gaming news from the last 7 days.

As well as lots of Mario Kart, the Sparks have been playing the latest game from Tequila Works, RiME. A game that can only be described using other games, RiME is an ICO, Journey and Zelda hybrid, taking some of the best bits from all of those titles to make a game that can elate, frustrate and even shed a tear.

This week we got our first glimpse of how Nintendo’s online multiplayer voice chat system will work and it is Nintendo-ly bonkers!

It’s been been known for some time that the Nintendo Switch will feature a strange, smartphone-based voice chat solution, the entire setup is decidedly more complicated than expected and whilst looks crazy for the portable mode just imagine what that will look like when the Switch is docked.

Also in the news this week Gears of War 4 is getting a huge update, a stonking 25GB in fact!  The update provides a massive shakeup for Horde mode with the arrival of Rise of the Horde, with 15 brand new Horde Skills (three per Class) to collect, Level 6 skills, Loot Drops, tuning changes and new difficulty levels!

Along with the update comes the news of a free trail for Gears 4.  From 9th June – 15th, Microsoft are offering a trial version of Gears of War 4 to download for free on Xbox One and Windows 10

This full game trial will offer 10 hours of free play in Gears of War 4, including the entire first Act of the Campaign plus full  – yes, full! – access to the Horde and Versus experiences. That means you can try out Rise of the Horde.

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