Are EA Leaving Season Passes Behind?

Another week passes by and episode 76 of the Gamers of the Lost Spark podcast is here for your listening delights.  Among the games being played by the guys and stories of the drudgery of clearing away festive decorations, the guys discuss EA’s decision to leave out the Season Pass from Mass Effect Andromeda. This bucks a seemingly inescapable and obligatory trend that during the last few years felt as if its unwelcome presence was here to darken our gaming doorsteps permanently, costs layered on top of the price of a game has never been a welcomed concept in the community and the situation is made worse when the majority (not all) of season pass content is usually disappointing.  So could it be that this announcement could hail a time when the constant clamour for cash for content could be dwindling?

Of course, no Season Pass doesn’t necessarily mean no requests of cash for content, after all the game could just as easily have the same old DLC in there, just without the initial purchase choice to be made by the consumer.

It’s a hope that may be unlikely but not impossible that could 2017 be the year when EA lead by example by ditching the Season Pass concept but also changing their model to a path in which extra monetisation is gleaned from cosmetic DLC alone, keeping games and the gamers that love them less fragmented and more fun.

We can only hope.

This week in the ‘What we’ve been playing‘ section Daz has finally tackled the giant bird/dog/cat of a game and finished The Last Guardian, listen to his full review and impression on the game that the sparks have spent a decade waiting for.  If you are curious on how the moment-to-moment gameplay is in The Last Guardian you can check out Darren’s Twitch stream and watch his being at one with Trico.

Antony is still unable to let his Game of 2016 go and puts even more time into Forza Horizon 3: Blizzard Mountain but in between the snowy championships he has been playing both Watch Dogs 2 and for the first time a Dead Rising game with the Xbox One timed exclusive  Dead Rising 4.

This week Sony announced that it will launch a “glacier white” version of its new PlayStation 4 Slim.  The Glacier White PlayStation 4 launches Jan. 24 in Europe and on Feb. 23 in Japan. It’s the first color variation of the standard PS4’s new case.    At the moment there’s no word on when or if it is coming to North America

It has a 500 GB hard drive on board and comes with a matching Glacier White Dualshock 4 (in its new configuration for the Slim). The European MSRP is €299, £259 in the U.K. No price yet on the Japan version.

In the ‘VR News Section’ this week the Sparks discuss HTC’s Vive at CES 2017 and get excited about three new innovations for the roomscale friendly HMD. With TPCast – a device that renders the Vive free from the cable connecting it to the PC – it really feels like VR progression is moving at a fantastic pace.

A new Vive Tracker, which enables any object upon which it is attached to be utilised in VR – think guns, baseball bats, even cameras! Plus a new headset which looks like some inspiration may have been taken from Sony’s PSVR in its design that allows fro better weight distribution on the head, the Deluxe Audio Strap is designed for better audio for the user but looks like it solves a few other issues at the same time. VR advancement just doesn’t want to rest on its laurels just yet!

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