Will The Strength Of Its Games Always Be Enough For Nintendo To Ignore Power?

‘Now Your Playing With Power’ proclaimed the 1986 NES marketing campaign that is just so wonderfully a product of those 80’s days. Fast forward 30 years and there’s a different cry that seems to resonate from Nintendo’s camp.  It’s all about the games now, and that previously lauded power is secondary…

The question is, will the games be enough to draw in that gamer dollar and will these games be able to lure back gamers who have drifted off from Nintendo in recent years along the path of the mobile platform or even to competing consoles?

It’s an interesting question and one that Nintendo does really seem determined on having answered by it’s audience. As specs of the Switch are slowly leaked and drip fed upon an excited community it seems that even with the most optimistic view it’s hard not to be a shade disappointed by the recent confirmed speeds of Nintendo’s up and coming console.

Instead of embracing new tech and going all 4K and HDR, Nintendo seems to be moving forward (true to form) in it’s own direction, where an emphasis on the quality of the games on their console, not the amount of terraflop-a-ma-jigs it can throw around a football pitch will be the catalyst that shifts units into firstly, gamers desire list and ultimately into that coveted position in gamers gaming boudoirs.

It looks as though the days of being blown away by Nintendo’s sheer console power are well behind us having peaked in the 90’s with that oh so wonderful N64. Many gamers still look back with awe as they reminisce the days when Mario 64 was first unveiled, with graphics so stunning they made mainstream news in a time when games were rarely, if at all, mentioned on mainstream media.

So there we have it, it’s a case of wait and see, as Nintendo fans everywhere cross their collective fingers and hope that the 1st party support will be enough to make the Switch a hit. Being a hybrid of portable and home console there is a probability of many of the beloved franchises from Nintendo’s mobile platforms hitting the switch and that could make a huge difference to the desirability factor of the console. Time will tell if the lack of raw power in the Switch has any effect on 3rd party support. Whether it be that they cool off, look into exclusives or just add on the new console as another platform to develop for – if the compromises that may need to be made are not too much.

No one wants a console to fail and sometimes it’s difficult to understand decisions made with hardware by the companies involved,  but we’ll all be rooting for it, that’s for sure.

It’s always been about the games though and Nintendo still has that magic, we all know that. As for whether that magic will be enough to set the Switch on that glorious road to success that we all hope for, as always, only time will tell.

Listen in as the Sparks discuss this burning issue and all the rest of the weeks gaming news in this Christmas edition of the Gamers of the Lost Spark Podcast.

This week, apart from a large helping of Overcooked the Sparks have been diving into some great games.  Darren has been dipping into some great VR titles such as Bullet Train from Epic Games, Unseen Diplomacy and a VR Overcooked clone, VR Diner Duo.

James has been playing the sleeper hit of the year, Hitman.  This time setting evil challenges for other players and taking out Santa in an attempt to trap the two bad guys from Home Alone!  In this holiday update, released by Hitman developer IO Interactive introduces a new mission called Holiday Hoarders. It tasks Agent 47 with putting an end to the criminal activity of a couple of notorious thieves running around Paris.  The thieves in question are none other than Harry and Marv.

Antony has been playing the beautifully hand drawn point-and-click adventure from Pewter Games, ‘The Little Acre’.  Embark on an adventure with Aidan and his daughter Lily as they tackle this charming and heartfelt adventure based in a fantastical realm armed with great creations and a wooden sword.  Little Acre has hooked Antony, so expect to hear more about this title after the Christmas break

Games with Gold for January are here and on Xbox One, Xbox Live Gold members can download World of Van Helsing: Deathtrap for free during the month of January. Killer Instinct Season 2 Ultra Edition will be available as a free download from January 16th to February 15th.

On Xbox 360, starting 1st, The Cave, the fantastic adventure game from the great Ron Gilbert and the team at Doublefine will be free for Xbox Live Gold members through January 15th. Then on January 16th, Xbox Live Gold Members can download Rayman Origins

on the ‘VR News Desk‘ the Sparks nerd-out over the latest update to Battlezone, today the developer has announced its next update for the virtual reality (VR) videogame, recreating the original title along with adding lots of new content.

Players will be able to dive into the wireframe world of 80’s Battlezone, with their tank still rendered as normal but the rest of the environment and enemies in the classic black and green attire. Called ‘Classic Mode’, this is entirely separate from the main campaign – AWESOME!

On behalf of Darren, James and Antony we would like to wish you all a fantastic Christmas and game filled New Year.  We’ll be back in the New Year for our Game of the Year show.

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Santa Gates

Blade Runner 2049 Trailer

Battlezone Arcade Cabinet

Epic VR Move!

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