When Will The PSVR Experience Stop Being Just Experiences?

This week on the podcast Antony and Darren are joined once again by the illustrious James Thomas (@BIGsheep).

It’s been a busy old week in the world of games, with Big Geoff’s Game Awards and Sony’s Playstation Experience 2016. If you missed either of these and want a catch up, or even of you tuned in to these gaming feasts, you’ll hear overviews, opinions and speculations from the guys as they dissect the latest glitz and glamour fests from our beloved industry.

With so much to discuss, a surprising curve ball is thrown into the mix when the elephant in the (virtual playspace) room is addressed by the Sparks – Just when will VR experiences evolve from feeling like mere tasters of something that should be bigger and finally metamorphose into games that feel like they have the depth and the pull of their equivalent 2D counterparts?

There is no denying that the experiences to be had in VR are truly amazing and a fantastic step forward in technology to allow players to be so immersed in a gaming environment, the Sparks would never forego their VR set ups and don’t regret the investments made at all.

…However, there is this question, this feeling in the back of the guys minds that, could it be perhaps, that the best VR can offer is simply that ‘Experience’? The bite size, almost tech demo-esque VR gameplay fix that amazes and astounds but when all is said and done just misses that elusive something to pull the player back in.

Obviously, there’s the argument that this is a new and emerging technology that is being explored, refined and honed with every new release and we are playing the games that are the products of the trial and error of this evolution, of this technology that is new and robust and looking to find it’s niche. Flailing around for that hook, that genre or game mechanic that will just click into place and make us all feel foolish for not realising that this was the perfect fit for the medium all along.

Could VR be destined to remain a medium within which to enjoy more bitesize slices of gaming goodness and would this in fact be something that people are content with? Or, if VR gaming does not start to increase it’s offering of ‘full fat’ gaming experiences on the platform that can be likened in their depth to the kinds of fulfillment gleaned from (and expected from) today’s standard games, will the consumer massive become disillusioned with the idea of VR and lose interest causing the medium to fall into decline?

Sony obviously feels that the VR space is worth investing in though and one would assume that they did a fair amount of due diligence before embarking on a risky project such as PSVR and it’s fair to say Facebook and HTC will have weighed up the risks at their ends too. There are some great games out there already, Elite Dangerous on Vive and Oculus gives the player seemingly endless amounts of things to do in its universal playground and let’s not forget that Sony has Resident Evil 7 lined up for PSVR owners – this will be a big test to see if the expectation for this game can be met, not only in standard gameplay terms but in offering PSVR owners that full game experience in the HMD. We also have Ace Combat 7 incoming, another meaty ‘full’ game that looks like great fun but also has the advantage of being especially suited to VR being that it’s a cockpit based game and they really are such a great fit.

As if all that wasn’t enough, the guys also bring you a full(ish) breakdown of the amazing show that was PSX 2016 – now that was a really fulfilling experience. With announcements galore and a delivery that exuded confidence, Sony’s Playstation team sure did deliver with this one. It really did what it was supposed to and set the Sparks’ excitement meter to the max!

The latest Overcooked DLC, The Festive Seasoning which will be free, adds new chefs, levels, the ability to cook with an open flame, and hats. You can find the full list of content below.

  • 8 new co-op levels set in the new Winter Lodge theme
  • 2 new chefs to unlock, the snowman and reindeer
  • 2 new recipes to dish up, Turkey Dinner and Stew
  • A new way to cook recipes, the flamethrower!
  • Santa hats for your chefs
  • A brand new wintery world map, complete with a snowmobile to get around with

Also in the news this week Starbucks and Niantic have partnered up for a Pokémon GO event that sees the Starbucks being turned into Pokéstops or gyms. The event seems to only be happening in the US but it looks like it may be timed to kick off at the same time as Niantic release 100 new pokémon into the game.

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