Is 4K Pushing The Consoles or are the Consoles Pushing 4K?

In this week’s podtastic episode it’s no surprise that the Sparks’ eyes are firmly on the new PS4 Pro. Antony gives his hands on verdict of the hardware and games he has tested so far. Much of the discussion revolves around 4K and what Sony’s box delivers in this area. Is there a noticeably bump in visuals and performance or both and who exactly is the target consumer for the new system?

As the discussion deepens the question emerges regarding how this new format is going to spread to more than just the early adopter market and the guys can’t help wondering whether it’s 4K screen owners flocking to buy these new consoles. Or is it perhaps the other way around with gamers buying a 4K ready console and then finding that desire to upgrade their screen to get the most out of their gaming hardware? Darren certainly went through that very same process with the Xbox 360, where the HD aspect of the console drove the purchase of an HD screen in order to fully appreciate what that system could do.

With 4K sales looking strong, Microsoft and Sony displaying a huge vote of confidence in the standard by developing hardware specifically designed to harness this technology and also the sales figures for the PS4 Pro and the Xbox One S also showing a high consumer take up the guys ask, are those 4K screens pushing the sales of the consoles or are the new 4K consoles pushing the sales of 4K screens?

Going forward, is the gaming industries choices on supported resolutions and standards going to have more and more influence on sales and standards of screen sales and the technologies used therein.


With 4K and HDR being the buzzwords of recent times, especially since the advent of this mid-generation console refresh, the Sparks’ take it upon themselves to try and diffuse some of the confusion around what this new resolution offers the consumer, where it came from, how the name 4K came about, what it offers in terms of visual improvement and how much of a ‘true’ 4K experience the PS4 Pro offers us. Tune in to hear the Lost Sparks’ (hopefully) definitive 4K breakdown. A couple of taster stats are included below to get you started!

  • 720p and 1080p were named from the count of pixels on screen from top to bottom, or, the number of horizontal lines of pixels that formed the screen.
  • The term 4K actually came from the movie industry format resolution of 4096 x 2160 that was first introduced in digital cinemas (called cinema 4k) and was named 4K.

In the news section this week Darren and Antony celebrate that 15 years ago today (15th November), the name Xbox became part of popular culture.

As the first gaming console produced by Microsoft, the original Xbox console gave rise to beloved game franchises like Halo and Forza Motorsport and helped usher in the online console gaming era with the release of Xbox Live.

Listen as the Spark get all misty eyed with tales of Xbox days of old.

This week, thanks to Boomerang Game Rentals (Dazza is trying out this game rental service in the UK that offers 1000’s of games for rent across all popular console platforms), the Sparks have been playing Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and the fantastic 80s inspired Zombies in Spaceland. Darren and Antony jumped into co-op and took on waves and waves of Zombies and horrific killer clowns!

In the ‘VR News Section’ this week we talk about the most prestigious event in the videogame calendar, The Game Awards 2016. Celebrating everything to do with the industry, the event is set to become the most widely distributed with organiser Geoff Keighley entering into several partnerships, one being with company NextVR and the plans to stream the entire event in VR!  No platforms have been announced as yet but the Sparks are hoping and wishing for PlayStation VR and HTC Vive.

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