Will You Switch To Nintendo?

The big news this week on the Lost Spark Podcast is the reveal of the Nintendo Switch and so of course, your friendly neighbourhood Sparks’ dive into the announcement with gusto discussing thoughts on Nintendo’s reveal trailer, speculation of those questions that the reveal didn’t answer and everything we know so far about Nintendo’s latest tech.

Is portability the killer move for Nintendo with this new platform in an era where smartphones and tablets do have a chunk of the market? Or does the fully fleshed out, more rounded and complete gaming experience that the Switch will offer give it the edge in that area, or is this a niche of its own, becoming what the Vita or even indeed the Wii U portable screen should have been?

With an announcement that seems to directly position Nintendo’s latest offering firmly in the ‘non casual’ gaming camp the guys are relieved that hopefully, hopefully, this iteration of Nintendo’s gaming vision is a little less about gimmicky takes on gaming and more about offering a practical yet diverse system to its many fans.

Power over portability? Gameplay over hardware grunt? A happy middle road perhaps?

Enough for you to make the Switch?


So, we have had some but not all the details we desire about the upcoming Switch but of course we crave more info! From battery life to Joy-Con controllers incorporating motion sensors. Well, it looks like we have all the official information we are going to get this year but wait, don’t lose heart Nintendo fans! As once Christmas is out of the way we are due an update from Nintendo with more juicy details on the 12th January when we can look forward to the Nintendo Switch Presentation @ 2am GMT / 10am JST and 6pm PS.

The Sparks discuss the Switch at length so listen in and enjoy the fun!

serioussamvrThis week in What we’ve been playing Dazza is loving Serious Sam VR : The Last Hope on the HTC Vive. A wave shooter that brings bright, beautiful and of course, visceral fun to the Vive owning Space Marine wannabe.

An all round blast featuring the highest production values the Spark’s have yet seen to HTC’s VR HMD, along with an adrenaline fueling roller coaster of alien slaughter in Croteam’s latest release.

Also on the list of what we’ve been playing are Antony’s PSVR games of the moment, the stunning Battlefield 1 and of course, Forza Horizon 3 is still a firm fave with the guys.

In the News section this week with have details of this month’s Games with Gold titles, November brings a brand-new ID@Xbox title to Games with Gold with high anticipated Super Dungeon Bros and murder mystery in Murdered: Soul Suspect. On the Xbox 360 (and Xbox One through Backward Compatibility), Xbox Live Gold members start the month with the highly-rated classic adventure Monkey Island: SE, and then finish on a high with award-winning Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon.

Also in the news section, Darren is overjoyed as The Last Guardian has finally gone gold. After being in active development since 2007 and exciting gamers worldwide after the (ridiculously previous) first ‘eyes on’ at E3 2009 it’s here. With nigh on a decade to balance hype and temper expectation, tune in to hear what the Spark’s expect with the December 9th release.

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Star Wars Drones

VOID’s Ghostbusters Experience

The Original Last Guardian Trailer from E3 2009

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