Did The Playstation Meeting Dampen The Excitement For The PS4 Pro?

This week Antony is joined once again by James (@BIGsheep) as he completes his hat-trick of consecutive Lost Spark Pods.  In this episode the Sparks discuss the PlayStation Meeting, the Apple Event and of course there’s a little Bake Off thrown in too.

The biggest news of the week was the announcement (finally) of the PS4 Pro and the new slimline PS4.  In a somewhat dull and lacklustre announcement event in New York, Sony introduced the PS4 Pro to the gaming press and waiting public (via Twitch and YouTube etc).

So what is the PS4 Pro? It’s a 4K and HDR capable version of the PlayStation 4 (but with no 4K Blu-ray support) that’s going to beef up the visuals of both your existing PS4 gaming catalogue, via a forward compatibility patch.  The new console will also upgrade the quality of PSVR games either by framerate or graphical finesse.

In a surprise announcement the PS4 Pro will double the visual quality of PSVR games, a somewhat low-blow for the 40 million PS4 owners who may have pre-ordered their PSVR already.

On the plus side Sony announced that an HDR firmware update would be coming in the following weeks to all existing PlayStation 4s so if you have an HDR capable TV your PS4 visuals are going to get a free graphical increase.

Overall the event was a strange affair with a very post-show lukewarm reception from the gaming masses.  How do you feel about the PS4 Pro? Will you be buying the new console on day one? Let us know either in the comments below or on twitter (@LostSparkPod).

Over in San Francisco this week, Apple held it’s September keynote to announce the new iPhone 7 and Apple Watch Series 2 but it wasn’t just the tech that had a few surprises; joining Tim Cook on Stage was none other than Shigeru Miyamoto, the creator of Super Mario!  As he announced ‘Super Mario Run’ for iOS, an endless running title for mobile phones that displays in portrait mode only.

No firm release date has been given for the title but at the time of recording there was a link on the iOS App Store (see below) to be notified when ‘Super Mario Run’ is available.

Also in the news this week we have details of the once PlayStation 4 exclusive title, Firewatch.  A must for any Xbox players who enjoy ‘walk-em-ups’, coming to Xbox One on 21st September.   The Xbox One version will also be getting a couple of new modes for all platforms.

One of these is called Firewatch Audio Tour, which has been described by the developer as “one part scavenger hunt, one part museum tour, one part game dev workshop, mixed with a dash of inside Campo Santo goofs.

There will also be a free-roam mode, which will premiere on Xbox One. “In free roam, you’ll be able to live in the Shoshone with a full day/night cycle and explore with a few hidden secrets” Campo Santa said.

In the ‘What we’ve been playing’ section this week James is overjoyed about finishing Overcooked but maybe not so bowled over by the release of Lumines on iOS and Android.

Antony this week has found a gem on the Xbox, Oceanhorn: Monster of the Deep from Cornfox & Bros.  This fantastic indie title has taken him by surprise as this once iPad game, which has now been released on both PS4 and Xbox One, is a wonderfully beautiful clone of Zelda: The Wind Waker, a homage if you will to that Gamecube Classic in every way.

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