Pokemon GO – Super Successful and Brings People Together, But Can It Last?

Boom! Yep, there it was, the explosion atop an eruption that has been the soaring rise to the heavens that the already beloved Pokemon GO has enjoyed.

Nintendo’s latest mobile game, which has been a hit in every territory it has been released in so far has taken the world by storm. Just arriving in the UK as this is written and opening up the gateway for many more people who didn’t use workarounds to get the game early in Britain who will be just starting to find out what Pokemon GO is all about.

Nintendo seems to have struck gold again with this genius hybrid of augmented reality Pokemon hunting fused with real life geo data and it’s bringing Gamers out into the sunlight in their droves.

Parents are singing the praises of the game, thanking it for getting their kids, who usually never shy away from the safety and darkness of their shuttered video game lair / bedrooms, up, dressed and outside as they brave the twinkling sunlight in search of the eponymous Pokemon. Hordes of players feel the touch of glorious weather upon themselves as the game lures them (and us) further out into the wilds of civilisation where gatherings of like minded Gamers congregate, meet and compare stories of their hunting prowess. People are met, bonds are made and perhaps Nintendo will be responsible for many a friendship blossoming from it’s latest mobile diversion.

Pokemon GO being a runaway success then, can’t really be argued with and it’s great to see the Big N deliver something that seems so overwhelmingly to almost literally sparkle with that Nintendo magic that Gamers love and that they are so renowned for.

The game seems responsible for a massive spike in Nintendo stocks adding 7.5 billion dollars onto their share value since the launch – the biggest spike enjoyed by the company since 1983.

Whilst enjoying discussing the success of this new phenomenon (pokemonemon?)  the sparks ask the question – can it last? Is there enough fuel for the fire to last past the initial novelty of seeing an augmented Snorlax roosting by the local public toilets and can the massive player base be coerced on to keep on playing and more importantly from a business point of view, keep contributing by dipping in to those ever present and ever tempting microtransactions.

A flash in the pan, or the start of a new gaming utopia of connecting people in person outside of their own dwellings?

Time will tell, but at the moment, hey, let’s just enjoy the ride. Listen in and enjoy the chat.

The Sparks are back with another podtastic episode!  This week Antony has been playing Playhead’s Inside, this incredible, must play game has left Antony amazed and confused in it’s wake.  A full spoiler-filled chat to come in the next few weeks once Darren has tackled Dark Souls 3 and moved on to Inside.

In this week’s News section the Sparks are overjoyed with the news that ‘No Man’s Sky’ has gone GOLD, not long now until the release date and we can finally get our hands on Sean Murray’s game.

We discuss the new trade-in programs for the console refresh generation, will this be a enough to tempt gamers to the mid-generation Refresh?  Head of Xbox operations Dave McCarthy told a UK tabloid that original Xbox One owners will be able to trade-in their old console for the new Project Scorpio one when it launches next year.

Also in this week’s new, who knew we were going to be talking about Evolve again!! Evolve is relaunching with a new free-to-play business mode, the reboot is entitled Evolve: Stage 2. This new version of Evolve completely replaces the existing one.  Currently only available on Steam but will be coming to the consoles ‘soon’.

In this week’s VR News Desk we have PlayStation VR news as several retailers have released images of what PlayStation VR game box art will look like.  Each PSVR game will show the player exactly what peripheral are needed to play the title.

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