Nintendo Are So Hot Right Now, Is It Time To Release The NX?

Join the Sparks once more as we discuss the ins and outs of the week in Games. With Pokemon GO soaring beyond the stratosphere on a rocket propelled rainbow of success Nintendo have announced their next console – perfect timing.

Hang on though, This isn’t the long rumoured and awaited code named NX that Ninty fans have been waiting for with bated breath. Instead, it’s almost as good, a small but perfectly formed mini NES from the beginning of the Nintendo boom way back in 1983 is the next console that we are about to gratefully receive. It’s a great time to announce it as recently, with the boost Pokemon GO has given to the big N, their stocks have only recently surpassed the highs that they reached back when the NES first became available and ushered the name Nintendo into worldwide consciousness as  household name to be forever associated with the gaming characters we love.

With 30 games built in and support for two controllers, the Nintendo Classic Mini looks like it could easily become a welcome edition to gamers young and old who want to relive a slice of how it all started. The games list is not lacking either with a cavalcade of quality titles spanning the lifetime of the legendary home console including favourites such as Bubble Bobble, Excitebike, Donkey Kong, Zelda and of course Mario.

With Nintendo fever at record temperatures, the Sparks wonder if now would be the perfect time for Nintendo to seize hold of this current sensational high riding wave and get some NX announcements out there into the eager gaming community?

At least Nintendo didn’t put on a keynote for the release of their next console and then produce this at E3, I can’t imagine the disappointment from gamers throughout the world as Nintendo’s next console was revealed. If we weren’t all so excited to see more of the NX, it may have made quite a good prank.

Thank goodness they didn’t though eh.

Darren (@DazWhitham) and Antony (@ChessmanUK) are joined once again by the Nuneaton Poke-master and Jigglypuff chaser James (@BIGsheep) Thomas as we run through a week in gaming news, discuss (at length) Pokemon GO and share are experiences so far with the world-wide ‘Poke-nomenom‘.

In this week’s news section we have details on the release date for the next Telltale Games Series, the hotly anticipated (by at least 50% of the Sparks) Batman: Telltale Series.  The game will debuting as a digital-only download with its first episode on 2nd August and then later in September will be available to purchase at retailers. If you can wait until 2nd August, check out the trailer here

Just months after we reported the reviews for the Radeon RX 480 Nvidia enters the fray with its own graphics card targeted at the more frugal gamer.  Does the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 have what it takes to topple the RX 460; Darren runs through the specs and first impressions.

In this week’s VR News Desk Gaming legend Hideo Kojima has once again gone on record to state that he believes the transition to VR will be bigger for videogames than the jump from 2D to 3D!  Could this mean that Kojima’s new game, ‘Death Stranded’ will have a VR element? The Sparks ask just what would a Kojima VR be like?

Also on the VR News Desk this week Google has confirmed that they have a team of people working on a  high-end headset for the past few months, Google Daydream a reported AR and VR hybrid headset.

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