Gaming Rapture, Is The Bioshock Collection Worthy Of A Double-Dip?

This week, the Sparks discuss all the latest goings on in the games world and spend a good degree of time remembering and appreciating the Bioshock franchise after the announcement of The Bioshock Collection; a HD remaster of the series, Bioshock, Bioshock 2 and the awesome Bioshock Infinite all complete with DLC.

Join us on a nostalgic stroll down the lane of some of the most enjoyable and atmospheric environments that gamers’ dared to tread, from the depths of Rapture to the heights of the air city of Columbia, that first encounter with a Big Daddy, that harrowing original Bioshock trailer and much more.


In this week’s News Section the Sparks discuss the news that SIE’s President Andrew House has revealed more info about the PlayStation Neo. During an investor day Andrea House said that this is the first time that Sony will ever offer a hardware upgrade in the middle of a PlayStation’s life cycle.  Does this put the worry that games consoles will be fall into the same regular update cycles of Mobile industry?

Also in the News Section we have we have free games for July.  On Xbox there are two new ID@Xbox games this morning; The Banner Saga 2 comes to Games with Gold on July 1 and Tumblestone on June 16. On the Xbox 360 (and Xbox One through Backward Compatibility), we have Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas 2, and Tron: Evolution.  

Over on PlayStation Plus this month we have the open-world, over-the-top action of Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell and the fast-paced sword fighting and dual-stick shooting Furi for PS4.  In addition to PS3 and PS Vita game PlayStation Plus subscribers can get early access to Paragon, the new MOBA Epic Games. From the 5th July, PS Plus members have exclusive access to a free Paragon Starter Pack which includes instant access to the beta as well as other in-game items.

The Radeon RX480 reviews are in; and it’s looking like a success story for AMD as the mainstream targeted card gives VR spec power, (equivalent to Nvidia’s GTX970) at the hard to resist price of just $200. Hear how the numbers stack along with framerates and a bit of Teraflop chatter with the guys.

In this week’s VR News Desk the Sparks wish they were back in school with the announcement from Google that VR is coming to the classroom.  Google’s Expeditions packs means that Students need not worry about the cost of school trips anymore as they are open to these worlds.

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