Would Scorpio Owners Ever Be Content With Xbox One Holding Them Back?

With E3 behind us and the news of the future of our beloved hobby fresh in our minds, the Sparks discuss the new hardware announcements from Microsoft’s conference and attempt to iron out the mixed messages we received as part of these exciting announcements.

Coming to terms with these changes early on within a generations lifespan is something the Sparks are coming around too and with acceptance comes enthusiasm for the new tech we have been promised.

An interesting question worth asking that doesn’t really apply to the Xbox One S is that, with the Scorpio being so much more powerful than the Xbox One, can Microsoft really stand by their promise that no one will be left behind and indeed should they?

Obviously it’s all conjecture, but once the Scorpio has been released and there has been a fair take up of the hardware by consumers, doesn’t it stand to reason that slowly but surely, these adopters of such a powerful unit will start to desire games developed specifically to make the most out of the behemoth they have purchased?

It may be that to do the 4K @60fps for currently planned Xbox One games the Scorpio’s power is needed and is probably fully utilised in order to output these mammoth resolutions. However, as the dust settles, will Scorpio gamers become annoyed with muddy textures beneath their 4K gaming experience? Will they pine and beseech Microsoft to concentrate on some Scorpio exclusives in order for them to fully realise the power of the beast? And would Microsoft yield to such demand?

Could that be the plan all along? Microsoft quell the shouts of unfair and too soon from the current generations loyal purchasers with the promise that no one will be left behind but they see, that once the Scorpio user base grows there will be demand there for software taking exclusive advantage of the Scorpio’s hardware and pushing the boundaries of this new console. Perhaps they have planned to ‘reluctantly’ buckle under this demand and boom – the Next Gen Starts Here.

Time will tell as always, but of one thing we have no doubt at all, the first year of Xbox Scorpio is going to be very interesting indeed.

In this week’s News Section Microsoft have released the first batch of Play Anywhere titles coming to Xbox and PC.  With Xbox Play Anywhere, you get two copies when you buy games digitally, one for your Xbox One and another for Windows 10. Your save files, DLC purchases, and achievements (only 1 set, sorry achievement hunters!) all carry over across to both platforms.

The upcoming games that support Play Anywhere are Gears of War 4, Forza Horizon 3, ReCore, Sea of Thieves, Halo Wars 2, Scalebound, Killer Instinct – Season 3, State of Decay 2, Ark: Survival Evolved, Cupped, We Happy Few and Crackdown 3.

Also in the news this week, we have details on the next DLC for Star Wars Battlefront, this time the DLC take us to the Cloud City of Bespin and the coolest dude in the galaxy, Lando Calrissian is now a playable Hero – who doesn’t want to play as Lando!!!


This week Darren is singing the praises of Derek Yu’s fantastic book Spelunky from Boss Fight Books – a fantastic autobiographical adventure that’s a s lively to read as the game itself, truly absorbing. When Antony checks out the website and stumbles upon a new Katamari Damacy book the pod almost stops as Darren exerts all his effort to get hold of himself and not just get ordering straight away.

In this week’s VR News Desk we have details of the Final Fantasy VII ‘experience’ on PlayStation VR and news that Michael Bay has entered the VR space but luckily and just in time we also report that VR boffins at the National Science Foundation are working on ways to reduce motion sickness when using VR.

Also in the VR Desk we have news of a development by tech company Add-Life Technologies, this new development aids traditional recovery exercises amongst stroke victims with the assistance of VR, in this instance the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD).

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