The Lost Art of Surprise – Do Pre-Show Leaks Take The Shine Off E3?

This week James Thomas (@BIGSheep) joins Antony and Darren on the Pod adding his unique mix of insight and critique that just, well, simply classes up the whole affair to be frank.

With E3 almost upon us, the excitement at Spark Towers is tangible and so, of course, a fair chunk of debate time is allocated to discussing and dissecting what treats will be scattered before us at next weeks show and at the pre show conferences.

Taking a layer of sheen off things though is the now usual and ever increasing (at least, so it seems) number of leaks in the run up to the event.

Are these leaks truly uncontainable? Or could they be some kind of industry PR orchestrated attempt at hitting us with news in a way that makes it seem more exciting? If that is the case, then we could expect that all the great news would indeed be held back for the big conferences over the E3 week of gaming goodness.

E3 Expo in Los Angeles

If that is the case, well, that’s all well and good but here’s an idea, in fact no, a plea, from the Sparks and indeed any gamers that will join in the cry.

Legitimate or not – Please try to plug those leaks before E3! #dontleakE3

For gamers all around the world E3 has always been such an exciting time and never more so than nowadays when, thanks to the awesome evolution of technology, this hallowed event has also evolved. From its humble beginnings as a primarily business affair, to a much more exciting and inclusive event that is available for fans to watch live along with the press, to share in the anticipation, excitement and delivery of the gaming news that will shape the next year of our beloved hobby.

So please, leave the surprises alone and keep the leaks away.

Of course, it wouldn’t be an E3 with out the Lost Spark E3 Predictions, so this week Darren, Antony and James running through some possible , some crazy and some down right awesome predictions for the celebration that is E3 2016.

In this week’s news section everyone is loving Overwatch; Blizzard’s new ‘Hero Shooter’. Overwatch has enjoyed an amazing first week with over 7 millions players logging into the game and clocking over 119 million hours of play time.  The Sparks however are still on the fence and not sure that as a full price offering, this online only game packs the value needed to pull them in.  What do you think?  Are you playing and loving Overwatch or are you, like the Sparks waiting in the wings? Can multiplayer only games really warrant asking for full price?

It wouldn’t be an episode of the Lost Spark Podcast without another delay, this time we have two.  First up we have the high-profile PlayStation 4 exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn, the highly anticipated, it appeared on all of the Sparks’ ‘Most Wanted List For 2016’ and has been delayed until 28th February 2017.

Also suffering a delay this week is Yooka-Laylee, originally scheduled for an October release, developer Playtonic announced, along with a gameplay trailer that Yooka-Laylee will be arriving in Q1 2017.

We also report on AMD’s staggering value for money prospect with the news of recent tests of their new Radeon RX480 video card and are staggered to see the results that this card – with a planned price of just $199 can display.

Can VR specs really be met with a card at this price point and can two of these video cards in Crossfire configuration really match up to Nvidia’s GTX 1080 Founders Edition card?

Tune in and find out!

In this week’s VR News Desk  we advise you to ‘let the Wookie win’ with the announcement of HoloGrid: Monster Battle AR board game from the VFX Legend behind the original Star Wars Holo Chess Phil Tippett on Kickstarter.

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