Would Oculus Support Convince You To Upgrade To Scorpio?

The rumour mill is at it again and the latest morsel to bounce off from that ever turning grindstone is the speculation that Microsoft are, as many have suspected, indeed working on some new Xbox hardware. A slim model firstly will be bestowed upon us and next, the much more exciting idea of an Xbox One upgrade – codenamed ‘Scorpio’ – that will house a more powerful GPU and technically could handle 4K. Though unless the I/O transfer was increased this would mean lengthy load times for 4K content.

These specs mean that the Scorpio could technically support Oculus Rift which surely would be a great boon to the guys over at Microsoft in wake of Sony being well on the run up to releasing their own VR system for PS4.

Lets hope we hear more at the upcoming Microsoft event at E3.

The question is, if this Xbox Scorpio does come to fruition, would you upgrade your existing Xbox One for the benefits of this next iteration? Or is it all too early for such upgrades?

How do you feel about this shift in console life-cycles and deployment that seems to want to bring itself more in line with the Apple model of more iterative updates rolled out more frequently? Should it be left as it always has been, with a big gap and a big jump in tech for the newer models upon release (not so obvious a jump these days it seems). Or is that ideology an antiquated concept these days and by getting in line with Apple, are Sony and Microsoft merely moving inevitably along with the demands of current times?

In this week’s news section Playtonic Games have released new details on Yooka-Laylee, the all-new open-world platform from the same team that brought us platform greats such as Banjo-Kazooie and Donkey Kong Country.  

In an announcement to Kickstarter backers Platonic said they will be releasing a Toybox mode for backers in July. This Toybox ‘demo’ will be a self-contained, spoiler-free sandbox designed to give  a taste of the platforming, environments and shiny collectibles to come in the final game.

Also in the news section, Darren (@DazWhitham) scours the internet for the latest gaming deals and new exciting games; this week we have details of Bloodborne GOTY and standard edition on sale on the PlayStation Store, the Spark PC favourite Downwell is now available for both PS4/PS Vita and there are massive savings for Lego Star Wars: Force Awakens on PC via CDKeys,


The Sparks are excited about the news that Vans have announced that they are collaborating with Nintendo to release a line of retro Nintendo shoes.  Vans will be releasing both Authentic and Slip-On models in colourful prints featuring Mario, Duck Hunt and Zelda, alongside graphics of the classic NES controller – The Sparks are readying their wallets for these beauties!


In this week’s VR News Desk Thorpe Park have announced a brand new VR experience called “Derren Brown’s Ghost Train”. The ride will be installed in a gigantic warehouse (2306 Square Meters), and suspended in the air ( 3 meters above the ground and 26 meters wide). The journey for visitors starts with walking on a bridge to enter the ride, which is a vintage style ghost train reinvented for the 21st century.

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2 thoughts on “Would Oculus Support Convince You To Upgrade To Scorpio?

  1. andy

    Holy hell of course. An added HDMI port had Xbots flooding to the store I worked at in 2007 for crying out loud. An Xbone console capable of graphics like Infamous Second Son will have them queuing in the streets 🙂


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