Naughty Dog Does DLC Right – Will Others Follow?

With Sony announcing that Uncharted 4’s Multiplayer experience will be underpinned by a new philosophy of ‘Fairness First’ the Sparks are stunned and elated to hear that all future maps and modes will be included in the game for free and that vanity and gameplay in-game store items will all be attainable by gameplay.

Yes, it’s exactly how it should be done and is it not a shame that this action is such a surprise? It really shows how the industry has changed over the years. Check out the core philosophies involved in more detail here.

With a huge industry player throwing down the gauntlet and getting back to basics with regard to how unlocks should be earned, will others follow and lead us off this path we have found ourselves on?


In this week’s news section we have even more Uncharted 4 updates with the announcement of the day one patch, weighing in at around 5GB, so be prepared if you want to play Uncharted 4 on release day, May 10th.  

Also Naughty Dog has provided all manner of visual options for you to play with, though these visual options are available from the start of the game, the Sparks recommend you play with these on the 2nd play through.  The options are; cel-shaded (above), ASCII Mosaic and an option which turns Uncharted’s environment into something akin to Mario Kart’s Rainbow Road.

It’s Call of Duty announcement time and Activision have officially revealed Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare coming from Infinity War.  The game’s announcement trailer was released last week and teases a campaign that ventures into the far reaches of space!

At the end of the trailer we are teased with a remastered version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare that will be included with the ‘Legacy Edition’ of Infinite Warfare.  The remastered version of Modern Warfare will include a reworked campaign, as well as multiplayer maps from the original game.


Darren returns from the Play Blackpool game exhibition with tales aplenty of retro gaming heaven, cosplay galore, a wealth of VR experiences and also his surprise at some gaming merchandise that was a true cut above the usual.


Check out the fabulous retro pixel art designs from Sprite Planet – people really need to see these wonderful peg-made pixel patterns that will add a touch of retro gaming chic and class to any gamers abode.


In the week’s VR New Desk the Oculus shipping delays continue but this hasn’t stopped Oculus shipping units to a select number of retail outlets in the US.  and to quote the Polygon article “Here’s the kicker: You’ll also be able to buy the hardware in-store, even before all the pre-order customers receive their Rifts” hear about this and more inside the pod, including the discovery of VR tech Magic Leap – Mind Blown Again?

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