Has E3 Lost Its Spark Or Is The Magic Still There?

This week amongst the usual wealth of gaming and tech news that the Sparks’ discuss the glory days of E3 are lovingly looked back on. Have the best days of this core gaming event passed us by and will E3 return to former glory this year or in future? Antony and Darren swap stories of enjoying the conferences of E3’s past, chat about how they feel that it really is a core gaming event still, that brings not just the press but also the gaming community along for the ride causing a level of excitement they are sure could only happen in gaming.

As more big players drop out of the main event though, a tremor of worry rears its head – could the best of E3 already be behind us? Let’s hope not.

This week in the ‘What are you playing‘ section we’re still all about Uncharted 4.  Darren and Antony talk about their first full week with Uncharted 4.  As Darren completes his first play through of this amazing game he sits back and reflects on this incredible title and the perfect conclusion to the Uncharted franchise but it does leave him pondering if he should trade-in the title or keep it for the future title updates and multiplayer.

As well as Uncharted 4, Antony has been playing DOOM which was released last week and he’s marveling at the super slick 60fps.  Is DOOM the new bench mark for shooters on the current gen consoles?

In this week’s news section we have news of Uncharted 4’s first week’s sales in the UK, crazy news that a film trilogy based on Tetris, yes Tetris is in the works and will cost an estimated $80 million.  The Movie will star an all-Chinese cast and will begin filming in 2017.  Larry Kasanoff, who served as producer on Mortal Kombat, True Lies and Strange Days, said of Tetris The Movie it’s “not at all what you think; it will be a cool surprise.”


Also in this week’s news EA have announced that during E3 Xbox Live Gold subscribers get free entry to EA Access from 12th-22nd June.  Anyone with an active subscription can download games from the EA Access vault of titles, and enjoy all the other benefits that an EA Access subscription brings.  Could EA be planning an Battlefield 1 or Titanfall 2 beta during the E3 week?

In this week’s VR News Desk it’s finally happened, the world of fitness and VR are going to merge! A start-up company, Holodia is bringing VR to gyms across the world with its Holofit project.  The genius idea behind Holofit is to alleviate boredom when training on equipment like bikes and rowing machines, by offering an immersive environment alongside stats and goals, encouraging and maintaining fitness work outs – could this be the new face of the modern gym?

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