Final Fantasy VII’s Episodic Remake – Does This Cloud Have A Silver Lining?


This week’s episode welcomes James Thomas (@BIGsheep) to the fold once again to discuss the latest comings and goings in the gaming world we love.

After answering 10 questions about Final Fantasy VII in an interview with Gameinformer, producer Yoshinori Kitase has shed some light on the plans for this long expected game. His comment that each part of the serialisation of the game would be on par with the scale of one Final Fantasy XIII game has us excited and has certainly helped rekindle some of the optimism for this remake that had been slightly scuppered when the announcement of serialising the adventure may dearly love was announced.

With the number of episodes Square-Enix have in mind for the remake still under wraps, the Sparks wonder just how big a game could we be getting here? With it sounding like the game will explore new areas of the game in more detail than was possible in the original along with perhaps a good deal more character building, could we be looking at a story of 100 hours plus, not even including sidequests? Imagine 10 episodes at 30 hours each – wow! – potentially 300 hours of Final Fantasy VII goodness to look forward to. If it’s good of course…

In the ‘What We’ve Been Playing‘ section Darren has had more time with the amazing game from Heart Machine, ‘Hyper Light Drifter’, a game which has left him dazzled and satisfied with it’s near magical blend of aesthetics, elegance and combat. It’s a game which rewards perseverance with feelings of triumph that can only be gleaned from games that leave you to discover, learn and master their systems on your own with minimal hand holding. Creating an alien world that is made all the more believable by making the player feel alien within the game due to a lack of explanation and an emphasis on exploration and discovery.

James and Antony have been wowed at Fullbright’s ‘Gone Home’.  After completing this compelling ‘Walk ‘Em Up’ they are both asking themselves why they took so long to find this incredible game and what other ‘Walk ‘Em Ups’ are out there waiting to be played.

In this week’s news section, James reports on the final moments of the biggest private WOW server, Nostalrius, which was closed down after being served a cease-and-desist order from Blizzard Entertainment’s lawyers.


The Sparks are rolling around with excitement about the possibilities of a new Katamari game as Bandai Namco has filed a trademark for something called Amazing Katamari Damacy through the European Union Intellectual Property Office.

The wonderful people at Codemasters offer a helping hand to the team at ex-Evolution Studios, what does this mean for the team that brought us Motorstorm and Driveclub?

And finally in this week’s podcast we find out the true definition of a Welsh Cake and that it’s possible for a man to eat his weight in them…

In the week’s VR New Desk we feel Darren’s pain as he is STILL waiting for information about his HTC Vive shipment, Antony goes ear-on with OSSIC X 3D headphones and Alton Towers have found an awesome use for VR!

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