Why Do We Expect Budget Prices For Indie Titles?

Last Week ‘No Man’s Sky‘, the epic space adventure from ‘Hello Games’ finally got a release date and will be launching on June 21st on PlayStation 4 and PC.  The PC version, will cost £39.99/$59.99, according to listings on GOG and Steam while the PS4 version will cost £49.99/$59.99 and a special package, the Explorer’s Edition, will be available for $149.99 exclusively at iam8bit.com.

With the announcement came internet criticism as some felt the price was too high for this title but we say that this old way of thinking – ‘it’s an indie game so I expect to pay £20/$30 for it’ – needs to end and we need to stop placing games in brackets just because the size of the development team.

Also in the “What have we been playing” section we go BROTASTIC and talk about the highly addictive and fun (not to mention free right now!) PS Plus game BROFORCE!!

In this week’s news section we say farewell to the gaming giant that is Lionhead Studio, in light of the news that Microsoft are cancelling ‘Fable Legends‘ and closing both Lionhead and Press Play Studios.

Live from the VR News Desk this week we discuss the new HTC Vive experiences and Palmer Luckey takes a pop-shot at Apple.

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Tim Sweeney’s attack on Microsoft’s UWP plans

No Man’s Sky “Explorer’s Edition” via iam8bit

Palmer Luckey says make a better Mac

HTC Vive’s Fantastic Contraption Mixed Reality Video – really gets the immersion across

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